The New Story of You – One-on-one coaching for freelancers who want more.

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The stronger your story, the more successful your freelance business will become.

The stories we hold close in our lives are the ones that drive and determine our future.

If you want to change your future, you need to change your story.

FIRST, get rid of the old, negative stories that are holding you back.

SECOND, give life to more positive and powerful stories that match the ambitions you have for your future as a freelancer.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s an example of a story, before and after. From negative to positive…

About 20 years ago I was going through a bit of a “down” period in my career. Work was going well, and the money was coming in, but I wasn’t feeling good about myself or my work.

When talking with a friend about what I was feeling, this is the story I told:

“Sometimes it feels like I’m just a BS artist. As a copywriter it feels like I’m just spouting nonsense to make people buy stuff they don’t really want. When I get to my deathbed and look back at my life, it’s going to be, like, “Yah, I spent my life as a champion BS writer!””

My friend was also a client, and he took me to task for being overly negative.

He told a very different story about me, “Hey, by writing that copy for me, you made such a huge difference to my business I had to hire three more employees in short order. You boosted my business, you created jobs for three people, and all by doing what you do best.”

This was a long time ago, so those weren’t his exact words. But it was the story he told. And I grabbed hold of that story and held it as my own.

It became the new story of me. And it made a huge difference. I immediately felt more positive about the work I was doing. I felt rejuvenated. I felt I had more purpose. I felt great.

That’s just one example of the power of creating “The New Story of You”.

When your story shifts from negative to positive, amazing things happen.

For another example, consider the story of a fellow freelancer who shared her story with me…

A negative story became lodged in her mind after something her well-meaning parents once said to her.

Basically, they told her she wasn’t smart enough to pursue the career of her dreams. It took her many years to figure out that she needn’t feel limited or confined by what her parents had said. When she recognized that story for what it was – just a story – and “rewrote” it, her career took off.

In my case the negative story was all my own creation. In my friend’s case the story came from someone else.

Either way, a negative story can burrow deep inside and hold us back.

This coaching program is about finding those negative stories,digging them out, and replacing them with a more positive and powerful narrative.

The New Story of You is a 5-week program, with a bonus “back pocket” coaching call for whenever you need it.

A strong story can dramatically change how you feel about yourself, unlocking potential you didn’t even realize you had.

A strong story can also massively increase your appeal to potential clients. People are irresistibly drawn to a strong and compelling narrative. They just can’t resist a good story.

Over the course of 5 weeks we’ll address both aspects of story…

  • Story as a means to unlock your true potential.
  • And story as a means to make you irresistible to prospective clients.

Week 1:  We begin by unpacking your “story baggage”…

First, we’ll identify negative or self-limiting stories you’re still telling yourself. Second, we’ll identify positive and empowering stories you’re not yet taking full advantage of.

Week 2: We’ll look at the prevailing stories in your chosen niche or industry.

When we work on your new story, it has to include your prospects and clients. (If people can’t relate to a story – if they can’t see themselves as characters within that story – they won’t feel engaged or interested.)

Week 3: We’ll develop the “new story of you”.

That story not only has to appeal to your prospects, but also has to match your own ambitions and goals as a freelancer. It has to be powerful, compelling and exceptional!

Week 4: We’ll apply your new story across your marketing materials.

Your marketing messages will become uniquely your own, and make you irresistible to prospective clients.

Week 5: This is your “New Story of You” review session.

We’ll look at some ongoing exercises and rituals you can use to ensure your new story remains strong and true over time.

“Week” 6: This is your “back pocket” bonus coaching call.

Our weekly one-hour phone calls together will be following each step of the program for the first 5 weeks. This final call – also for an hour – is your bonus or “back pocket” coaching call. You can have it right after the first 5 calls. Or you can keep it for later… and ask to schedule the call a month later, three months later or at any other time.

Let’s make sure you’re truly the author, protagonist and hero of your own future as a freelancer.

“If you can get a spot on Nick’s Coaching Program, you should jump at the chance. Nick has not only achieved international recognition and respect as a copywriter, but also has the rare gift of being able to share the secrets of his freelance success with others. Also, on a personal note, he’s one of the most decent, no-BS guys you’ll ever deal with.”

Bob Bly
Author of Become an Instant Guru

Is this coaching program for beginner freelancers or experienced freelancers?

It’s not about your years of experience as a freelancer.

This approach will have a powerful impact on your professional life whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer, or have been doing this for years. Decades even.

It’s never too late to rewrite our stories and become the heroes of an exciting and rewarding new future.

“After just four weeks of working with Nick, I had a clear vision of my stories – stories that make me unique and will help to shape my business. That clarity is well worth the price of the coaching. I just wish that I had started working with Nick sooner. Be warned: Nick’s coaching sessions aren’t easy, but if you put the work in, I bet you too will have a clearer vision of your future.” Linda Muterspaugh

Is this coaching program really, really expensive?

No, this isn’t one of those scary, high-priced mastermind things where you’re shelling out $10,000 or more… and all that simply to be part of a large group.

This is true one-on-one coaching, with me at your side every step of the way.

It’s just the two of us on the phone for an hour a week for 5 weeks. Plus that 6th, bonus call.

Between calls I’ll give you some work to do, and I’ll be available to you by email for when you have questions.

We’ll follow the 5-step structure outlined above, and customize it to meet your particular needs and challenges.

The price for this full, one-on-one attention across all 6 calls is just US$4,850.

Is that a fair price to rewrite the future of your business? To create the new – and better – story of you?

That’s for you to decide.

But when I’m faced with business purchase decisions like this, I ask myself a simple question, “Is this an expense, or is it an investment?”

If it’s an investment in my future – and I can see that over the medium to long-term I’ll get way more back than I’m investing up-front – I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

“I can’t think of a single copywriter — and I know hundreds — who wouldn’t benefit tremendously from Nick’s business advice. And that includes me.”

Steve Slaunwhite
Author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

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Take the next step now…

Step one is to reach out to me through my Contact page and tell me you’re interested in hiring me as your coach for this program.

Step two is to schedule a 15-minute discovery call, just to make sure we’re a good match, and to answer any questions you may have.

If that goes well, we’ll get the fee paid and out of the way, and start on the coaching sessions themselves.

Let’s get started on rewriting YOUR story…


Some kind works from a few of my coaching clients…

“Nick Usborne is a catalyst. With his guidance, I am now focusing on the specific areas of Internet writing that play to my greatest strengths. His coaching has saved me a great deal of time and money that I would have spent running down blind alleys. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” – Bob Ellal

“I can’t speak highly enough about the value of Nick’s coaching. In our short time together he has become a partner as much as a coach.” – Andrew Williams

“It was time for serious structure. For me it meant finding a mentor or a coach, someone to hold me accountable for my plan. Looking back now, I know I made the right choice in Nick Usborne. He is just the kind of business coach who knows how to help you turn on the switches, process your fears, and move on with realizing your business goals.- Rachel Agheyisi

“Nick Usborne is a superstar. As the best coach I have ever met, he blends all the right ingredients in just the correct doses to give you fast results. As a businessman he is super smart, highly organized and ultra-strategic. He renders the complicated simple, that magical quality that separates the good from the great. As a person, he is kind and courteous with an insatiable curiosity and sense of humour which makes every session with him a great pleasure. Nick knows when to listen, when to cheerlead, when to direct and when-ever so lightly-to cajole.” – Susan Rice

“In terms of return on investment, Nick “paid for himself” in the very first month. My online sales are booming, I just landed a lucrative writing contract, and have a renewed focus and energy that will continue to guide me for years to come. My only regret in hiring Nick is not finding him sooner!” – Cari Haus

“During our first call, Nick asked a question that turned my cozy freelance copywriting world on its head. Because of it, I’m now carving out a one-of-a-kind niche that makes the most of both my skills and background…with total integrity. Not only that, Nick has me building a solid business model that reaches 3, 5, even 10 years into the future. I never dreamed this is where I’d be, just five weeks into the coaching program. If you’re ready to work – and work hard – I’d be willing to bet that Nick can do the very same for you.” – Lisa Sargent

Interested? Reach out to me now through my Contact page…

If you were hoping I also offered a more traditional, “theme-free” coaching service for freelancers, I do. You can learn more about it here…