How to introduce your clients to Conversational Copywriting.

This question is from Stacey H., who has taken my course, Conversational Copywriting.

Instead of simply replying to the Stacey’s message one-on-one, I decided to share both her question and my answer with this short video.

(What follows is the outline I wrote for myself in advance of recording the video. This is just an outline. Not a regular post or article.)

First, Stacey’s full question:

“Nick, I just completed your Conversational Copywriting course and I love it. It feels so right to me! And I have one client who I think could be open to this. But how do I introduce the idea to them? How can I get my clients to be conversational?”

Thanks for the question Stacey.

OK… maybe more than one question to unwrap there.

You say, “I have one client who I think could be open to this…”

That’s an important point.

Not every client is going to thank you for talking about this.

A lot of companies are still wedded to a more traditional, broadcast approach to advertising and copywriting.

You probably don’t want to waste too much time trying to persuade them to change their ways.

But if… as a you suggest… you have an existing or potential client who you think might be open to the idea… take a look at two things.

First… are they active on social media? Are they doing it reasonably well? Are they being responsive, answering questions? If so, they are already being conversational.

Just help them take that kind of language and mindset into other areas of promotional activity.

Second… are they sharing stories?

Founder stories, customer stories, employee stories… any kinds of stories?

Sharing stories is a very personal and engaging way to communicate.

Storytelling is just one step removed from full conversation.

Invite customers to send in more stories.

That’s how I’d start.

Find places – like social media or storytelling – where they are already being conversational… even if only a little bit… and then expand on that… take it into their content marketing, emails, e-newsletters etc.

Start replacing some of that one-way, broadcast style writing with more conversational writing.

And once you have done that for one client, you can use that as a case study to show other clients and prospects.

I hope that helps a little.

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