Get in the driver’s seat of your freelance business, or fail [VIDEO]

freelance business controlMost freelancers fail to achieve the level of success they deserve simply because they don’t take control of their own freelance business.

They follow the old model of being in the “service” of their clients. They take a subservient role, feeling grateful for every crumb of work that comes their way. In fee negotiations, they cede power to their clients, and buckle under when pressured to charge less.

The new and better model is to be the freelancer who sits firmly in the driver’s seat.

This freelancer has a plan for his or her freelance business. She sets goals and chooses her clients carefully. She markets herself in a way that associates a high level of value with her business.

She spends very little time looking for work, because work comes to her, mainly through word of mouth and referrals.

She is in control and negotiates fees from a position of strength.

She also watches carefully for opportunities to leverage her knowledge and expertise in ways that enable her to create new and profitable streams of income.

I explain this new approach in more detail in this video.

If you want to get into the driver’s seat of your own freelance business, learn more about my program, Profitable Freelancing.

About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.

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1 thought on “Get in the driver’s seat of your freelance business, or fail [VIDEO]

  1. Nick, I’ve this program and really benefited from it. It makes so much sense not to keep running around like a hamster especially for us, working as a freelancer. It forces me to consider where I want my career to be in the long run and plan for it rather than wait for it to happen.

    It so much easier to learn from those who’ve traveled the path before rather than trial and error. Buying your program is the smartest move I’ve done to further my freelancing career. Nick, thank you for this great program.

    Christy Tan
    Social Media Consultant

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