Selling with Stories – An essential training for digital writers and copywriters.

telling a good story

What’s the fastest way to engage your audience and touch them emotionally?

Tell them a good story!

Our memories and experiences in life are built on stories.

Listen to a family conversation, or friends talking at a bar or in a coffee shop, and you’ll likely hear someone sharing a story.

“Do you remember the time when…”

“Did you hear about…”

You know the kind of thing. We all have stories we like to share.

And we have a ton of stories to draw from. Because most of our memories are stored in the form of stories.

Nobody remembers facts or lists. But we all remember stories.

This is why stories can be such a powerful force in marketing.

And sharing stories is the perfect way to open a conversation, even with strangers.

More on the power of stories in a moment. But first…

People make purchase decisions with their hearts, not their heads.

People like to think their purchase choices are rational. Well thought through.

But that’s rarely the case.

Most of the time our purchase decisions are driven by emotions.

And that’s why selling with stories is so powerful.

Because while a list of “good reasons to buy” simply reaches the rational brain, a good story touches people’s hearts, and pulls the emotional triggers that result in a purchase.

This is why storytelling is a skillset that is essential to anyone trying to sell online.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a product or service. Could be a business to business purchase, or a business to consumer purchase.

It’s stories to the rescue every time!

“I’ve learned and enjoyed listening at the same time. I studied case studies – but this program takes content with stories to another level – an exciting marketing strategy. And taught as only Nick can teach.” Judith B.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Create powerful stories for your clients or your own business
  • Know how to tell a strong ORIGIN story and a HERO’s JOURNEY story
  • Use stories to attract attention and deepen reader engagement
  • Use stories to leverage a company’s existing narratives
  • Use stories to maximize sharing across all social channels
  • Use stories to close more sales
  • Identify, collect and use stories across all media, all the time

Who should take this course? Is it a good fit for you?

This course is for…

Freelance content writers who want to create more powerful content for their clients, and differentiate themselves by offering deep expertise in the skills of engaging and converting readers with stories.

Freelance copywriters who want to use stories to close sales faster and more often, without having to resort of hard-sell copywriting.

Entrepreneurs and growth hackers who are looking to leverage stories as a way to reach more prospects, engage with them more deeply, sell to them more often and keep them as customers for life.

And for anyone else who feels the conversational approach to copywriting is the right way to go.

“Really enjoyed this course …. Came away with a better understanding of how important stories are in writing web content for myself as well as for my clients. A great jumping off point for tackling a blank page.” Teresa Barretta

Here’s the full Selling With Stories course curriculum.

Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1: Who I am and the power of stories

Lecture 2: Why stories are your best friends

Section 2: Why Sell When You Can Tell a Story Instead?

Lecture 3: Nobody likes being sold at

Lecture 4: Stories bring everything to life

Section 3: Stories Demand Attention and Are Remembered

Lecture 5: It’s almost impossible to resist a good story

Lecture 6: We remember good stories

Section 4: Stories Build Trust and Are Widely Shared

Lecture 7: Hear their story and love them

Lecture 8: Good stories are incredibly shareable

Section 5: Built-in Stories, and Building Stories

Lecture 9: Some companies have stories built in

Lecture 10: Rewrite a boring story and win

Lecture 11: Every company needs a story

Section 6: The Elements of a Good Story

Lecture 12: The power of origin stories

Lecture 13: What is the “Hero’s Journey”?

Lecture 14: Other types of stories

Lecture 15: For clients and companies without stories

Section 7: Where and How to Use Stories

Lecture 16: Use stories everywhere online

Lecture 17: Tips on crafting and sharing your story

Section 8: The Storyteller’s Toolbox

Lecture 18: Become a story collector, and more

Section 9: Wrapping It Up

Lecture 19: Everyone loves stories

Lecture 20: Use stories to pitch your own services as a writer

One more thing about selling with stories… it’s fun!

It’s fun to find stories for a business, product or service. It’s fun to build new content and sale messages around stories.

You can use stories to connect with people, drive conversation and build trust.

And you can use stories to close the sale.

“The course was INSPIRING! It uncovered what should have been obvious, and included PRACTICAL tips to put the principles into practice. GREAT!” – Gopinathan Thachappilly

Start selling with stories!

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