Selling with Stories – A game-changing course for content marketers and writers.

19 instructional videos on how to use STORIES to power up your web content and sales copy.


Grabbing attention, engaging your audience more deeply and converting more prospects into buyers is easy when you tell great stories.

People don’t buy products and services for rational, logical reasons.

When people reach for their credit cards they are being driven by emotion.

So as a writer, copywriter or marketer you have to appeal to people’s hearts… not their heads.

And it turns out the fastest, most powerful and most enduring way to reach a person’s heart is through stories.

You can create stories to attract attention, build empathy and trust, and drive more sales – across multiple media and platforms.

This course comprises 19 video lectures focused on showing you how to use stories to improve both your web content and your sales copy.

• As a web content writer or online copywriter, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to sell effectively, without resorting to the “hard-sell” or to hype.

• For small business owners, entrepreneurs and growth hackers, Selling With Stories will give you the tools to dramatically leverage both the impact and reach of your marketing budget.

This is one of my short-form, low-cost courses and is available through the Udemy platform.

“Really enjoyed this course …. Came away with a better understanding of how important stories are in writing web content for myself as well as for my clients. A great jumping off point for tackling a blank page.” – Teresa Barretta

“Good content, professional presenter. Though I’ve been involved with content marketing and business storytelling for some time, I got some fresh insights and new perspectives from this course.” – Kimberly Schramm

The link below will take you to my Udemy course page, where you’ll find a full description of the course curriculum, and get immediate and FREE access to 3 of the course videos.

Watch the 3 FREE videos and get the discounted course price of just $35…

Here is just some of what you can expect to learn from this course…

  • How to use stories to attract attention
  • How to use stories to be remembered
  • How to use stories to build empathy and trust
  • How to use stories to maximize sharing across all social channels
  • How to leverage a company’s existing stories
  • How to create powerful new stories for your business or your client
  • How to tell a strong ORIGIN story and the HERO’S JOURNEY
  • How to identify, collect and use stories every day

Remember… you should always be writing to someone’s heart, not their head.

And nothing reaches deeper into people’s emotions than a good story.

Get started here…

“Loved the (true) story of the elephant that ate the hat. 🙂 Nick is a master online copywriter and teacher – his course content is fascinating, memorable, and instantly usable. He mentored me personally for three months a few years ago, and I still pay close attention to what he says as I continue my online copywriting journey…” Eldo Barkhuizen

“I’ve learned and enjoyed listening at the same time. I studied case studies – but this program takes content with stories to another level – an exciting marketing strategy. And taught as only Nick can teach.” – Judith

“Exceptional content, well told.” – Jennifer Titilah

“Great course – a lot to think about when crafting messages to potential clients & prospects.” Marylou Tyler

Watch the 3 FREE videos and get the discounted course price of just $35…

“Easy to understand and gets right to the point! I’m learning that there’s more to story writing than I previously thought.” – Kathleen Wooding

“This course is chock full of creative stories and examples. It is not a “how-to write” course, but gives a dynamic and detailed sense of how stories can be used as a powerful marketing tool. I was completely unaware that I had such a shallow understanding. Wonderful examples to illustrate each point and clear explanations. This course has been exciting and inspirational for me. Wow Nick – great job! Thank you.” – Cecelia Pineda

“Mammoth-ly valuable material on a marketing tool that has grown in mastodon-like proportions. In fact, similar courses online are selling at pachyderm prices–yep, as much as $500.” – Dale Sims

“Nick made story telling real, that it’s OK to tell stories, that I should tell my story. For so long I didn’t think people wanted to hear my story but realize now how powerful stories are. Thank you so much Nick for opening my eyes and I can’t wait to start telling my stories!” – Tina Lanciault

Selling with stories

Watch the 3 FREE videos and get the discounted course price of just $35…



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