In a World Swamped With AI-Generated Copy and Content, it Pays to Be More Human.

In 2024 we’ll see more and more copy and content being generated by AI tools like ChatGPT.

To protect your future as a copywriter or content writer, you’ll need to set yourself apart from these tools and demonstrate your unique and superior value.

How? Stand apart by doing what AI tools can’t do… write copy that expresses the emotional complexities of being human.

I offer three courses that will help you achieve this:

Futureproof Copywriting – I show you how to weave a layer of Emotional Intelligence into copy and content written by AI.

Conversational Copywriting – Learn how to make emotional connections and build trust by using simple, non-salesy language.

Selling With Stories – I share the magic of how humans connect at a deeply emotional level by sharing stories.

These courses will give you the skills to rise above anything written by AI tools like ChatGPT.

My latest course for copywriters…

Futureproof copywriting with AI and emotional intelligence

Futureproof Copywriting

This course teaches you how to augment Artificial Intelligence with Emotional Intellgence.

This will set you apart from copy written by AI alone, because AI tools have no first-hand experience of how it feels to experience human emotions.

Plus… as any experienced copywriter will tell you… emotion sells.

Find out more about Futureproof Copywriting here…

My courses for online copywriters & content writers

Futureproof Copywriting

Power up your copy and content with Emotional Intelligence.

More about the course…

Conversational Copywriting

Conversational Copywriting is the future of selling online.

More about the course…

Selling With Stories

The best way to engage with your
readers is to sell with stories.

More about the course…

How to Write Better Headlines

Master the headline and you master the entire page or screen.

More about the course…

Services for freelancers and businesses

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One-on-One Coaching

My coaching service for ambitious freelancers who want to achieve a whole lot more.

My coaching service…

Core Message Optimization

Ask me to optimize your company’s core messaging, across all media. Web 2 and Web 3.

Message optimization…

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The rise of AI tools like ChatGPT represent a challenge to our profession as digital copywriters and content creators.

In the face of these technological advances, how can we thrive as professional writers?

First, we need to lean into AI and use it to our advantage.

Second, we need to differentiate our work from AI output by infusing our writing with Emotional Intelligence.

This simple, 8-page introduction walks you through these steps.

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