101 Topic ideas for your money-making website.

Coffee Detective website screenshotAs some of you already know, in addition to my regular work I make a second, passive income with some hobby sites.

My largest hobby site, CoffeeDetective.com, has made me over $250,000 in passive income over the last 7 years. Not bad for a site I work on in the evening and at weekends.

I have also written a program, based on my own experiences, so that other people can do the same.

I have spoken and corresponded with hundreds of people who have taken the program, and many have told me the part of the process they found the hardest was coming up with a topic idea.

I always suggest people first look at their own hobbies, interests and passions for inspiration.

But if nothing immediately comes to mind, I have put together a slide show of 101 topic ideas.

Here it is.

If none of those topics jumped out at you, use them as a springboard to related ideas.

For example, while vegan recipes may not be your thing, some other kind of cooking or food preparation might be. You could create a site about baking cookies, cooking for the elderly, meal planning for kids, homemade ice cream…and so on.

Do the same with other topic categories.

In the slideshow I mention archery and mountain biking. But those are just two sports out of many. Your site could be about running marathons, competitive swimming, tennis, or one of dozens of other sports.

The same goes for vacations. I mentioned vacation planning, cheap vacations and vacations in Russia. But your site could be about backpacking in Greece, the beaches of southern Spain, walking tours in and around Vancouver etc.

The slide show shares 101 topic ideas for your site, but for each of those topics there are also numerous related ideas.

Once you have one or two topics that interest you, the next step is to

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About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I really want to do this website program, but I need to talk to someone because I have some questions. Email would be fine, but private. Hope you can help me out here.


    • Jim, hi. Your best bet is to call AWAI, the publisher. You can reach their member services team at 866-879-2924. If you then have any remaining questions, contact me through the Contact page on my website.



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