A testimonial for my online copywriting program, Copywriting 2.0, from Jane Sandford.

How Nick Usborne Gave Me My First Client (And We’ve Never Even Met)

So I’m sitting at the conference table trying to look knowledgeable. The Web Master is there – and I’m definitely not a techie.

“I hope they don’t ask me anything I don’t know,” I’m thinking. The discussion turns to the Landing Page I’ve been hired to write. All eyes turn to me as the CEO asks, “Well, what do you think?”

I go blank. ‘Bad Me’ starts to whisper things like, “What do you think you’re doing? You’re just a Home Schooling Mom! It’s been fifteen years since you were in a boardroom. What are YOU doing in a meeting with Real Business People?”

I don’t like Bad Me.

Suddenly, Good Me materializes and smacks Bad Me on the head with a binder. Hey! I recognize that binder! It’s Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0!

Bad Me evaporates. Nothing like a little fist-to-cuffs to pep up a business meeting! Good Me flips the binder open to page 165 – the section on Landing Pages. “A-ha!” I say to myself.

I snap out of my panic and answer confidently, “I’ve noticed all of your company pages have more than one column. To be truly effective, we’re going to need to keep this page to one column only…” And I was off to the races.

The Real Business People were listening. They were nodding their heads. They were thinking, “Yes! This woman is smart. She knows what she’s doing. She’s solving our problems. We need to pay her a lot of money and keep her around.”

Am I that smart? Sort of – I mean, I did buy the curriculum. But really, it’s Nick Usborne who’s smart. It’s his curriculum I’ve studied ‘til it’s dog-eared.

But did I tell the Real Business People about Nick? Not on your life!

I took all the glory for myself! I basked in the glow of their undying gratitude! I cashed their check!

When the meeting ended, I, Professional Copywriter, strode out of the office and drove home with windows down, singing at the top of my lungs. Then I sat down and wrote this thank you note. (Good Me insisted – she has good manners.)

I’m no longer “just” a home schooling mom. I’m a Writer. A Professional Copywriter who also home schools. Nothing’s stopping me now – Nick’s got my back.

THANK YOU NICK USBORNE and AWAI! You. Changed. My. Life.

Jane Sanford

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