Can I add some of my own copywriting hacks to the list?

This question is from Malcolm, who took my 21 Copywriting Hacks course.

He asks, “I’ve taken your course and am using the final checklist you provided. My question is: Can I add some hacks of my own to the list? Things I have found work well for me?”

Absolutely you can.

First – for anyone who isn’t familiar with this course – the 21 Copywriting Hacks course was created to help you improve your own sales copy… at that point just before you submit it to your client.

– The first group of hacks helps you make the headline as powerful as possible.

– The second group helps you ensure your body copy is super-persuasive.

– And the third group of hacks helps you optimize the call to action.

Finally, at the end of the course, you get to download a one-page Checklist to print out and hold against every piece of copy you write.

Using these hacks – and the checklist – helps make sure you always submit your best work.

So Malcolm… here is what I’d suggest…

There are two kinds of hacks you can add to the list.

First, hacks related to your known strengths. To make sure you apply them every time.

Second, hacks to support areas of known weakness.

For example, I’m pretty strong when it comes to headlines and body copy… but have to watch myself when it comes to the close and the call to action.

So I could add one or two hacks to the third group, to make sure my call to action is strong.

But… one big caveat.

Don’t let the list grow too long.

I’d say keep it to 25 hacks max.

That means removing hacks for each new one you want to add over 25.

Why? I did a separate video on this.

The point being, the longer the list grows, the less likely it is that you’ll actually use it.

So yes Malcolm, by all means add to and customize the list so it works well for you.

Just don’t let it grow too long.

Learn more about my course – 21 Copywriting Hacks That Deliver Quick & Easy Wins.




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