Why use AI writing tools like ChatGPT when you can do better work on your own?

The question in the headline was asked by a good friend, and highly-regarded copywriter.

It’s a totally legitimate question. As professional copywriters we can write better than any AI, and we naturally infuse our work with emotion… because we know it works.

So… if we can do all that on our own, why do I recommend that people dive into AI, use tools like ChatGPT, and then infuse the AI output with Emotional Intelligence?

Why make it complicated? Why not just carry on as normal?

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If you’re dismissive of today’s AI writing tools, you’re missing the point.

writers working with AI tools in the future

It’s easy for writers and copywriters to roll their eyes when they hear about AI writing tools.

At their current level of performance, these tools often produce generic, slightly robotic text that can’t entirely replicate that unique human touch in writing. The sentiment I hear a lot is, “Sure, AI can write, but it won’t write well.”

Here’s the thing… dismissing or ignoring AI writing tools outright because of their current limitations is a mistake. The trajectory of this technology is moving fast… and should have every writer paying close attention.

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It’s time to step out from behind the curtain, and be more human.

As a freelancer, I am my brand.

I’m me… the good, the bad and the less-than-perfect.

Human, through and through.

I do my best to keep the less-than-perfect parts to myself. But even if they peek out from behind the curtain from time to time, that’s not so bad.

It just shows I’m real.

More specifically, it shows I’m not an Artificial Intelligence.

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3 Ways to diversify your digital copywriting services in the age of AI.

expanding copywriting services to include AI

This year we’ll see some significant advances in the field of AI. And yes, some of those advances will impact our work as freelance copywriters.

It’s time to lean in and get ahead of the curve.

You need a plan. And that plan can’t be “Sit tight and do nothing”. The way things are, you can get ahead and profit from the rise of AI. Or you can fall behind.

There’s no middle ground. Sitting tight means falling behind.

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Your professional network from 2023 isn’t the one you need for 2024.

Network of AI experts

I remember when I made my big shift from offline copywriting to online copywriting… way back in 1997.

One of the things that changed – had to change – was my network of contacts.

For the most part, the people I knew in the offline world weren’t following me online. At least, not right away.

That meant I needed to develop a new network of contacts and potential clients.

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Is your AI-assisted copy optimized for Emotional Intelligence?

We’ve now had over a year to become proficient with AI writing tools like ChatGPT.

Many of us now use these tools to help with brainstorming, research, outlines, and first drafts.

And there is no question that companies large and small are attracted by the price and productivity benefits of using AI to help produce more content at lower costs.


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