4 Ways to use Emotional Intelligence to serve and grow online communities.

managing online communities with a high level of emotional intelligence

Whether your community is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Telegram, Discord, or on some other platform, many of the challenges remain the same.

If you have any history in community building, you know how fragile communities can be. Sometimes a community starts to lose momentum and energy. People run out of things to say. Or one or two members start arguing. And so on.

The key to keeping everything under control, with a positive vibe and forward momentum, is to apply a high level of emotional intelligence to your work as a moderator.

In this post we’ll look at just 4 issues that impact online communities, and how applying a high level of emotional intelligence can make a big difference.

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The true secret to great copywriting is…

Raw energy when writing copy

If you’re a student of copywriting, you’ve likely come across various experts promising to share their secrets to success.

A lot of these promises come in the form of methods, templates, roadmaps, strategies… and so on.

In other words, “Follow this proven process and you’ll be a super-successful copywriter. Six figures and beyond!”

Get the book, course or coaching program, and you’ll have access to their amazing, super-powerful, 10-step method.

I’m not saying these “follow-the-process” methods don’t ever work…

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3 Benefits of writing better subheads.

woman at desk writing with a laptop computer

Hopefully, you pay a lot of attention to writing your headlines.

I do.

I typically go through several drafts until I’m reasonably happy with a headline.

Headlines are important, because a good one captures attention and inspires people to start reading the body text. Bad headlines don’t.

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a headline nerd. I created an entire course on how to write them.

But… there’s more.

What about those subheads?

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Write to people as individuals, not as part of a group.

I’m writing this post for YOU.

We’ve probably never met. But I try to picture you in my mind as I sit at my computer, pecking away at the keyboard.

I might even imagine you here in my home, sitting across from me at the kitchen table.

I’m writing to you as if you’re the only person in the world on my mind right now.

This means I’ll always talk about you in the singular.

One-on-one. You and me.

I think you notice and appreciate it… the fact that I’m writing this just for you.

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Short copy rocks.

Choose between long form copywriting and short-form copywriting

When I sing the praises of short-form copy, I often get pushback.

Particularly from some of my fellow copywriters.

I’m told that short copy isn’t up to the job.

For the tough jobs… the heavy lifting… only long copy works.

I’m not so sure.

I think short copy can also get the job done.

In fact, I think some of the most powerful copy is really, really, short.

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