Choose clients that inspire your very best work.

want more message on signIf you look back over the work you have done as a freelance writer or copywriter over the last year, you can probably identify one or two jobs that stand out from the rest.

These were jobs that brought out the best in you.

They tapped into your core skills.

They allowed you to shine in ways that just didn’t happen with most other projects.

You probably loved the product or service you were promoting.

You respected the company you were working with.

The relationship with the client was probably really good too. You saw eye to eye. There was mutual respect. They listened to you and allowed you to give expression to your true talents.

The project was FUN to work on.

Ring any bells?

If so, grab a sheet of paper and make a list of what made working with that company so rewarding. Create a checklist.

And put a big fat asterisk next to the line where you describe the kind of project it was. What kind of work brings out the best in you? What are you really, really good at? What enables you to express your true talents?

Now write down two simple descriptions:

1. The kind of project that brings out the best in you.

2. The kind of company you love to work with.

That’s step one. In a way, that’s the easy part.

Step two is to make a commitment to yourself. Commit to ONLY working on those kinds of projects for those kinds of companies.

In other words, commit to working ONLY on projects that bring out the best in you.

Commit ONLY to projects that you really WANT to do.

And say NO to the rest.

Sounds scary, right?

I get that. I struggle with the same thing. I try to work only on the projects I’ll really enjoy…but sometimes the cash-flow monkey hunkers down on my shoulders and tells me to just grab anything that comes my way.

Sometimes I give in. And regret it.

I ask myself, “If I hadn’t spent all those hours on a project I didn’t want to take on, couldn’t I have used that time to find a higher paying gig that would have better suited my core talents as a writer and marketer?

The answer is almost always YES.

And here’s the thing…

When you only work on projects that truly let you shine, everything gets better.

You feel better when you get up in the morning.

You look forward to your work day.

You do great work every day, and that FEELS GOOD.

Next, you make a name for yourself because ALL your work is really good.

And that means you can charge more and get bigger and better projects.

Before you know it you’re feeding your core talents every day. You feel more fulfilled. You feel you are contributing more.

Hey, you’ll probably smile more too!

All this simply because you are focusing on the kind of work you WANT to do. The kind of work you love. The kind of work that allows you to shine.

And the starting point is to write down those two simple descriptions:

1. The kind of project that brings out the best in you.

2. The kind of company you love to work with.

Get to work on that now, and find the gigs that inspire you to do your very best work.


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1 thought on “Choose clients that inspire your very best work.”

  1. Loved this. It follows with experiences I have had. Several times I have taken work just to stay afloat and it wasn’t my best. I felt guilty and in one case, actually told the client not to pay me. Stupid, I know, but I could not have lived with myself if I hadn’t. Luckily, they were very supportive, but we parted company soon after on my terms.

    If you don’t think you can give your best, then do not take the job. I realise everyone is not like me and have a guilty conscience, but I sleep well doing work I love when it comes.


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