Take a massive leap forward as a freelancer with one of my one-on-one coaching plans.

I have been a freelancer myself for over 30 years now, and have been coaching freelance writers and copywriters for over 10 years. And for most of that time I have been following the traditional one-on-one coaching approach.

More recently I have added a second approach… the use of powerful stories as a way to accelerate your rise to success.

Either way, my focus isn’t about creating a warm, fuzzy, feel-good coaching experience. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and finding the best way to achieve a massive leap forward for your freelance business.

Check out both plans and get a feel for which of them might suit you best.

The New Story of You – Grow your business by telling a better story.

new story of you freelancer coaching

Telling a better story can have a profound impact on your freelance business. But first, we’ll “unpack” some of the older stories from your life, and throw out those that might still be holding you back.

Then we’ll identify and give full and powerful expression to the stories that will lift you up and define your future as a more successful freelancer.

Make no mistake… stories wield extraordinary influence in our lives. Harness the right stories, and you can ride that power to success.

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Traditional Coaching – Achieve breakout success any way you want.

breakout freelance coaching

While much of my focus as a coach is on further developing The New Story of You approach, I’m often asked if I still offer traditional coaching.

I do.

With this approach we determine where you are right now as a freelancer, where you would like to get to… and how to get you there.

This is achieved through a blend of coaching – digging deep to find your true gifts and skills – and mentoring, where I share my 30+ years of experience as a freelancer myself.

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If you have any questions about either coaching package, please reach out to me through my Contact page.

“Having Nick as my coach was one of the best investments I’ve made for my freelance copywriting business. He helped me determine the exact niche for my services and the pathway to achieve my goals. His insight, knowledge and expertise definitely speeded up my learning curve, and now I have more clarity and direction than I’ve had before.”
Janice Sakata-Schultze, Schultze Copywriting

“Nick Usborne is without a doubt one of the best Coaches in the Freelancing Industry. He has a great expertise and many ideas of how to help people to find their best freelancing opportunities, especially on the Internet. Revising the notes I took during the coaching sessions is like a never ending generator of new ideas-combinations to my freelancing career.”
Italo Baudo – Scotland, UK

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