Web Content Optimization – Deliver More Value with Optimized Web Content.

web content optimization guide

This course will take you on a journey from being a regular content writer to becoming a true web content optimization expert.

The original, video-based version of this course has proved to be hugely popular.

But – as my friend Michael Kerr pointed out to me – not everyone likes to learn through video.

So he took on the task to take the original course and create this PDF version.

Weighing in at a hefty 97 pages, it includes all the visual elements from the original, and a cleaned-up and edited transcript from my voice-over.

In other words, this is as close as you’ll ever get to a complete print equivalent of my original video course.

This document will give you the expertise and tools to create web content that is optimized to attract more prospects, engage them more deeply and convert them into high-value customers.

While most of us know that content can be optimized for the search engines, it can also be optimized just as rigorously for other content types too.

Content can be optimized for social media, link-building, lead generation, pre-selling, audience engagement and more.

Work through this document at your own pace. As with the original course, you’ll…

  • Master the skills of creating QUALITY web content
  • Get a firm grasp on what it means to OPTIMIZE content
  • Learn to apply Search Engine Optimization like a Pro
  • Discover the power of “On-Purpose” Inbound Links
  • Rock Social Media with optimized content
  • Increase sales with powerful content that pre-sells
  • Generate leads with content that grabs and inspires
  • Build deeper and more profitable relationships with customers
  • Boost your sales during key buying seasons and holidays
  • Create your own killer Web Content Optimization Checklist

Students who have taken the video version have been generous with their praise…

“Extremely impressed with the content!” Andrew Martini

“This course is very, very helpful–packed with information and yet clearly presented. Real-world examples everywhere. Even better, the information is so practical and specific that I had light bulbs turning on in practically every lecture.” – Randi Anderson

“Great course. This was my first introduction to the information. I appreciate how clear and concise it was.” – Deb Bostwisk

How much is this hulking,  97-page PDF version?

Just US$44.95.

Buy it now – for immediate download – and become a true web content optimization expert…

“I’ve taken a number of Nick’s courses on web writing and I always come away with fresh insights and at least one “aha!” moment. This course on Web Content Optimization was every bit as well done — building from the basics to the more nuanced topics in a clear and thoughtful manner.” – Gidget Hall

“A lot of information in a really nice conversational tone. Made it easy to want to sit down and listen…and I appreciate how many years of expertise I’m lucky to learn from. I hope Nick keeps teaching for many years. We need people that enjoy sharing what they’ve learned. Nick’s really generous with that. Thank you for loving what you do Nick!” Lance Taber

Start your journey now…

If you’d like to check out the original, video-based version of the course, it’s here…