Can conversational copywriting be optimized for the search engines?

(What follows is the outline I wrote in advance of recording the video. They’re my talking points. Not a regular post or article. Just an outline.)

An interesting question from Phillip, who took my course on conversational copywriting.

He wonders if using natural, plain-speaking and conversational language in your copy and content might be detrimental to optimizing for the search engines.

That’s a reasonable concern.

Five years ago I spent a lot more time focused on SEO and keyword optimization. Not so much today. But it’s still a factor when I build a new post or page.

To illustrate Phillip’s point, let’s look at how someone might optimize a text link for the term “cheap coffee maker”.

“Looking for a cheap coffee maker? Visit our cheap coffee maker page here…”

That’s old-school optimization, verging on keyword stuffing… which is where you keep repeating the same keyword or phrase, over and over.

And no, it doesn’t sound very natural or conversational.

So let’s rewrite it.

“Before you buy that cheap coffee maker, let’s talk about why that might be a bad idea.”

Open-ended. Conversational.

And I still get to use the phrase cheap coffee maker. I’m still optimizing.

With conversational copywriting I simply optimize for the search engines with a lighter, more natural touch.

And that… coincidentally… is exactly what Google wants anyway.

The point being… Google’s systems are a whole lot smarter than they were five years ago. They have “natural language skills” that make them perfectly capable of figuring out the topic of your page even when you use a light touch.

So… short answer… yes, you can be conversational and still optimize for the search engines.

Phillip, I hope this helps answer your question.

Do you have a question for me? If so, add it in the comment box below.

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