With conversational copywriting you communicate like a real person, not a corporation or marketer.

This question is from Daniel P., who has been reading about my course, Conversational Copywriting.

Instead of simply replying to the email Dan sent me, I decided to share both his question and my answer with this short video.

(What follows is the outline I wrote for myself in advance of recording the video. This is just an outline. Not a regular post or article.)

First, Dan’s question:

“You talk about being conversational with our copywriting. I get that when we’re actually in conversation with someone… like in the comment stream under a blog post, or when going back and forth on social media. But how can we be conversational when writing a page of content or even a sales page?”

Good question.

It’s about the tone and language you use.

As an example… and I grabbed this from a website just before recording this…

It’s from a company that specialises in leasing vehicles for companies.

One of the things they offer:

“Multiple channels and dedicated personal staff to handle your vehicle remarketing needs.”

A more conversational approach would be:

“When you done with a vehicle, we can help you sell it.”

Another example:

“Download the National Car Rental app and tap into the power of more speed, choice and convenience – all at your fingertips.’

And the conversational version…

“Download the National Car Rental app for when you’re away from your desk.”

Short words, simple concepts. It’s how you’d talk about it over lunch, not how you’d write it up in a business report.

The real difference… in their versions the relationship is with a corporation or marketing group that talks funny.

In my versions… the relationship is with real people who communicate in natural, everyday language.

Who are you going to trust more… a company or a person?

I hope that answers your question.


NOTE: I have an entire course devoted to the craft of Conversational Copywriting.


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2 thoughts on “With conversational copywriting you communicate like a real person, not a corporation or marketer.

  1. “It’s how you’d talk about it over lunch, not how you’d write it up in a business report.” – love that definition. It seems lots of people don’t want to sound conversational in order to sound professional. But that way, they end up, as you say, sounding like companies, not people!

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