Copywriting 2.0 – Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

A professional-grade program for anyone who wants to learn web copywriting.

Unlike most web copywriting courses, this one isn’t all about writing single-page sales letters. Instead, I focus on the kinds of sites you and I work on every day…10-page sites, 100-page sites, 1,000-page sites and so on.

In other words, I address the full complexity of web copywriting…writing single pages, page sequences, links, keywords, a variety of different kinds of email, e-newsletters and more.

The course comprises my complete body of knowledge on the subject of writing for the web. This is the whole ball of wax, presented in a sequence that makes sense from beginning to end.

Should you get a copy?

If you want to know everything I know about web copywriting, I think this course will serve you well.

I have written it in a way that will work for anyone who writes for the web, whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, webmaster or part of an in-house online writing team.

My intention was to write the first “professional grade” course for online writers and copywriters.

I think, and hope, I have achieved exactly that.

The course is published and marketed by American Writers and Artists Inc.

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