Can I use your 21 Copywriting Hacks to improve EXISTING pages?

This question is from Denis, who took my 21 Copywriting Hacks course.

He asks, “I love your 21 Copywriting Hacks. Super-helpful. My question is… could I use these as a ‘system’ to improve on a company’s EXISTING sales pages?”

Great question. And yes.

First – for anyone who isn’t familiar with this course – the 21 Copywriting Hacks course was created to help you improve your own sales copy… at that point just before you submit it to your client.

– The first group of hacks helps you make the headline as powerful as possible.

– The second group helps you ensure your body copy is super-persuasive.

– And the third group of hacks helps you optimize the call to action.

The hacks are a way to make sure you always submit your best work.

So this is already a ‘system’.

What Denis is suggesting is that the system be used in a different way… not just to improve your own copywriting work, but also to improve a client’s existing pages.

This is a great idea.

So Denis… you have the course, and the final checklist.

Now you can steal the whole idea – wrap it up in a compelling promotional package – and offer it as a system to improve existing pages, whoever wrote them first.

This is a powerful idea, because companies love “systems”, particularly those aimed at improving their business performance.

Thanks for the idea Denis. And yes, go for it!

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