Deliver your best copy every time, by using my checklist of 21 Copywriting Hacks.

9 Instructional videos covering 21 Copywriting Hacks… Helping you dramatically improve your copy BEFORE you submit it to your boss or client.

Have you ever submitted some copy that wasn’t your very best work?

I know I have.

As I say in the video above, submitting copy that’s less than your best can happen for a few different reasons.

But I think the principle reason is that most copywriters don’t use any kind of PROCESS in place to improve their copy before they submit it.

That’s the promise of this course and the 21 Copywriting Hacks I’ll be sharing with you.

Learn the hacks, print out the CHECKLIST I provide at the end, and you’ll have a process you can always apply BEFORE sending your copy to your client, boss or colleagues.

In other words, take this course, apply the process and you’ll ALWAYS be submitting your very best work.

I know it works, because for many years I was guilty of sending in my own copywriting work before it was the best it could be.

That’s why I developed this process and the copywriting hacks that drive it.

For years now I have been building in the time to apply this process before I submit my copy. And yes, my work, reputation and business have all benefited as a result.

Who is this course for?

It’s for anyone who writes sales copy for clients, their bosses or their own company.

Every business depends on powerful, effective promotional copy.

And when that copy is the best it can be – every time – good things happen!

Take this course, use the hacks, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

“Your 21 Copywriting Hacks course was incredibly timely for me! I got it while I was in the middle of writing an online sales page for a client. Long story short, I applied just 3 of your hacks to one part of the page, and my client is super-excited about its generating lots of sales for her two-book bundle. A great big ol’ THANKS for putting this course out there now!” Natalie Rotunda

“Solid, helpful checks and reminders will certainly improve my copy, as well as develop my copywriting skills on future projects. Good value course…” Jim Mahannah

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“Nick has an amazing and unique ability to take complex concepts and re-present them in a concrete and practical way so everyone learns and takes away something useful. He is generous and has a lot of wisdom to share. And he has a great sense of humor too, which makes learning fun.” Jay Schaffer

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