Monday Spark: Do you love your message as much as this guy? [VIDEO]

eddie obeng enthusiasmRecently I have been writing and speaking about the power of loving your message.

Simply put, it isn’t easy to promote yourself when you try to sell your services on the basis of the sum of your expertise and experience. You’ll never feel totally confident, because you’ll always know that your knowledge is incomplete and that other people know more than you do.

But when you have a message you love, everything changes. Instead of trying to promote yourself, or the sum of your knowledge, you promote your message.

My message, back in the late 1990s, was “writing for the web is different”. It was a new and exciting message back then, and nobody else was saying it. And it built me a business before I had any kind of expertise or experience in writing for the web.

People hired me because they loved my message.

Now…to give you an idea of what loving your message looks and sounds like, check out the video below.

Eddie Obeng has some fascinating things to say about business. But what really strikes me is how enthusiastic he is about sharing his message.

Do the same for a topic that has meaning for you, and prospective clients will find your energy and enthusiasm irresistible.

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