Follow your own dreams, not someone else’s. (And be sure it’s an amazing dream.)

Follow your dreams.I have written about this before, but as it’s early in the year I wanted to tackle the subject again.

As the New Year gathers steam, we feel inspired to set new goals, maybe move forward in new directions, and take on fresh and interesting projects.

That’s all good.

But there is a caveat.

Don’t be lured into taking on someone else’s goals, directions and projects. They may be a perfect fit for that person, but not so much for you.

Let me explain.

I often talk about the benefits of creating a website that generates a passive income, like my site about coffee,

I get hugely excited about it and can list a dozen good reasons for every writer and copywriter to create a website of their own.


It’s not for everyone. While many people have followed in my footsteps by building money-making websites of their own, others may fully understand the benefits I describe, but in the end say, “Nick, I get it, but it’s not for me.”

That’s a totally legitimate response.

I do the same. I can read about someone else’s amazing system for building a business and making money. I can agree with everything they say. I can see they are right in having identified a legitimate opportunity. But most of the time it’s just not for me.

What do I mean by “not for me”? I mean it doesn’t get me excited or get my juices flowing. It doesn’t fire a passion inside of me and make me want to get started right away.

Sure, I get it from a rational point of view. But it doesn’t make me jump out of my seat and throw my arms up in the air.

The same is true for a ton of other “fresh start ideas” that are promoted at this time of year.

That fresh start might be about taking more exercise. Or healthy eating. Or increasing your productivity. Or starting a whole new business.

The promoters of these ideas are genuinely excited about what they are offering. For them, this new idea is killer.

But still, just because it’s right for them doesn’t necessarily make it right for you. Yes, it’s their dream, but it might not be yours.

Derek Sivers, the founder of CDBaby, uses a simple test about whether he’s going to pursue a new idea or not.

If it makes him say, “Hell yeah!” it’s a keeper. Anything less and he says no.

In his own words…

“When deciding whether to commit to something, if I feel anything less than, “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” – then my answer is no.”

You should apply this same test when looking at opportunities presented to you by other people.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those ideas. And in the vast majority of cases, those people are being totally sincere and honest when they pitch their ideas.

Like I am when I talk about my coffee site, and the program I created around it..

But just because they are sincere and excited, doesn’t mean the idea is right for you.

Your time is limited. Don’t spend it pursuing someone else’s dream, even if they say you can succeed with it.

Hold back and find an idea, business or project that is truly your own dream.

Keep the brakes on until you find something that makes you jump up and say, “Hell yeah!”


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