Can I use stories to sell my own services as a freelancer?

(What follows is the outline I wrote in advance of recording the video. They’re my talking points. Not a regular post or article. Just an outline.)

This is a question from Colin who has recently completed my course on Selling with Stories.

He asks, “You talk a lot about using stories as a way to help companies connect with their customers and prospects. But how about us freelancers? Can we use stories too, to sell our own services?”

Absolutely you can.

And if I failed to address this in the course, that’s an oversight on my part.

I use stories myself.

Click on the “My Story” tab above and you can read the story of how I came to be a copywriter, way back in 1979.

That story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

I arrive in this place, this ad agency, as a stranger. I explore my new surroundings. It’s a time of discovering the unknown.

And then, with a burst of unexpected emotion, I find what I’m looking for.

In a way, I find the treasure at the end of my journey.

It’s a story. And it’s true.

So yes… use story as a way to promote your freelance business.

But… don’t lose sight of what a story is.

Simply saying that you have worked in a particular industry for x number of years isn’t a story. Saying you’re taken x number of courses isn’t a story either.

  • A story needs an arc and a timeframe – a beginning, middle and end.
  • And something needs to happen a long the way. A transformation needs to take place.
  • And somewhere, somehow, you need some emotions in there.

Stories make us feel something. That’s one of the reasons why they are so powerful and memorable. They touch as at an emotional level.

Finding and writing your story as a freelancer won’t necessarily be easy.

In fact, decades went by until I though to share my own story of how I began working as a copywriter.

The memory was tucked away in my mind, but I never thought to share it until relatively recently.

Try to remember a story of your own.

Maybe ask some friends or colleagues to help you.

This may not be easy, or happen quickly.

But a good story is a great way to open a conversation with your next prospective client.

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1 thought on “Can I use stories to sell my own services as a freelancer?

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the power of stories to create an emotional bridge with a client or market segment. And as you point out on more than one occasion, people make decisions based on emotion, then justify their decisions (or purchases) on logic. Humans are genetically programmed to learn vital information via the story process, and knowing the unique formula for creating and telling a GREAT story is vital for any copywriter, salesperson, or public speaker.

    Kudos on the video!

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