If you’re dismissive of today’s AI writing tools, you’re missing the point.

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It’s easy for writers and copywriters to roll their eyes when they hear about AI writing tools.

At their current level of performance, these tools often produce generic, slightly robotic text that can’t entirely replicate that unique human touch in writing. The sentiment I hear a lot is, “Sure, AI can write, but it won’t write well.”

Here’s the thing… dismissing or ignoring AI writing tools outright because of their current limitations is a mistake. The trajectory of this technology is moving fast… and should have every writer paying close attention.

Technological Leaps Happen Quickly

Anyone remember the first mobile phones? They were clunky, slow, and incredibly limited in comparison to the amazing “computer-in-our-pocket” smartphones we have today.

AI technology, at its core, is built to learn and improve. We see this with everything from the self-driving cars that get better with each “practice run”, to the AI voice assistants that adapt to our unique voice and tone.

It’s the same with AI writing tools. The ones we have access to now are the “clunky smartphone” generation.

It’s about what’s coming next that we should be watching for.

Why Writers Shouldn’t Dismiss AI or Fear It

AI writing tools are going to get way better over the next one or two years.

Their output will be a huge improvement on what we see today. In other words, you can’t be complacent about this. You can’t sit back and say, “Hey, I’ll be fine. I don’t need to change.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Even a significant advancement of AI doesn’t diminish the value of a skilled writer. In fact, it makes our unique strengths more critical than ever.

Focus on What Machines Can’t Do

Instead of seeing AI as competition, start viewing it as a tool to expand your toolkit. Learn its capabilities now so you’re positioned to expertly take advantage of the improvements coming down the line.

While AI handles low-level, repetitive tasks, focus on building skills that remain irreplaceable:

  • Emotional Intelligence: As AI excels at factual writing, the value of writers who can emotionally connect with an audience goes through the roof. No language model will be able to replace the power of storytelling, personal experiences, and writing that stirs our hearts and minds.
  • Intuitive Leaps Forward: AI is great at analysing and sharing the facts, but they don’t get a sudden flash of inspiration, or a gut feeling, or an intuitive sense of what’s coming next.
  • High Level Creativity: AI tools can be creative at a low level. They can combine ideas and come up with something new. But I don’t think they can make huge creative leaps, and don’t think they ever will be. But we can.
  • Strategic Thinking: Get in the driver’s seat and become a copy and content strategist, looking at the big picture, long-term. Don’t wait for AI to take charge… be the boss of it, and take control.

Be Ready, Not Resistant

Don’t wait until it’s almost impossible to catch up… lean into working with AI writing tools now.

AI won’t replace good writers, but it will change how we work. Get ahead of the curve, and start thinking about how you and AI will be working together a year or two from now.

Step one? Enroll in my Futureproof Copywriting course. It was specifically created to help you maximize your use of both AI technology and the deeply human power of Emotional Intelligence.

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3 thoughts on “If you’re dismissive of today’s AI writing tools, you’re missing the point.”

  1. For me AI is more of an Acquired Influence. It influences the natural abilities of the writers to choose the suggestions given by AI as it acquires more and more of other people’s selections. Thereby, making all the writers converge at same pathways. Is it good or bad? Depends on the writer’s systems development. If there is nothing more a writer can contribute from its own abilities then AI would give such newfound potential. However, its downside is that the writers may start to develop the habit of depending later on with AI, making their system of writing become weak without the consistent aiding of AI tools.

  2. Hey Nick,

    Just finished reading your article on AI for writers, and it’s spot on! You have a knack for cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of why we, as writers, shouldn’t just brush off AI tools.

    I’m using AI (shoutout to ChatGPT!) to enhance my latest project, my money-making website, “The Pizza Sleuth.”

    Does that title sound vaguely familiar? ????

    I’m an AWAI member who also took your “Money-Making Website” course, which was awesome!

    I also used ChatGPT to research and brainstorm my first children’s book, “The Talking Tree,” published on Amazon under my pen name, Maxim (Max) J. Sterling.

    Thanks for shedding light on this topic and encouraging a forward-thinking approach.

    Keep up the great work!



    P.S. – Your “Futerproof Copywriting” is on my “To Do” list, and I hope to sign up soon!


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