Futureproof Copywriting Course – Combining Artificial Intelligence with the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Futureproof Your Copywriting Business by Leveraging the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Did I hear someone say, “Disruption”?

That just scratches the surface of what we’re seeing with the rise of AI.

For writers and copywriters there’s never been anything like this.

Just a year ago, who could have imagined a computer writing blog posts, emails, sales pages, White Papers, pitch decks… and more?

That would have sounded like crazy talk.

And yet…

ChatGPT, GPT4 and other AIs are showing themselves able to do some very solid first drafts. Even final drafts.

Yes, they get stuff wrong sometimes. But so do human writers.

Should you ignore AI or embrace it?

I know some copywriters who have chosen to ignore the rise of AI. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out for them.

Their approach is a bit like a maker of horse carriages deciding to ignore the rise of the motor car.

Sorry, but as with the rise of the automobile, AI isn’t going away.

And it won’t leave your current business model undisturbed.

Is this all bad news, or can we futureproof our
copywriting careers?

I absolutely believe we can futureproof our careers, however sophisticated AI tools and services become.

While AI can generate content at lightning speed, it lacks the capacity to understand and evoke genuine emotions.

This is why, as a digital writer, it’s not enough to rely solely on AI. You must also master the art of infusing Emotional Intelligence into your work.

In this course I teach a powerful approach that
comes in three parts…

  • In Part 1 you’ll learn how to leverage AI to the max, so you become a better and more productive writer.
  • In Part 2 you’ll learn how to infuse all your writing with Emotional Intelligence.
  • In Part 3 you’ll learn how to combine the two… AI + EI.

THIS is how you not only survive the rise of AI, but you also get to take your business to a whole new level.

Without EI, all AI writing feels the same, which means YOU become a commodity.

This is already happening, and client companies are noticing.

Freelance writers are submitting work that is well written, but feels a little flat and has an unmistakable SAMENESS.

No surprise there. The work is inevitably going to feel the same, because it was all written by the same tool… ChatGPT.

As a freelancer you should NEVER submit work that feels like it has been written by an AI.

Why would a client hire you a second time if your work felt like it had been written by a robot?

Seriously. If you write like ChatGPT, your client can just hire someone else… someone cheaper probably. If you write like ChatGPT you have no special value. Clients have no reason to choose you over anyone else.

But when you infuse your AI writing with EI… Emotional Intelligence… it becomes unique. The emotional element will always be yours, and will always make your writing stand out from the crowd.

“Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the missing piece in many AI-driven copywriting tools and training programs. Nick’s training fills this gap, focusing heavily on EI and its harmonization with AI. My approach to writing improved immeasurably after studying and understanding Nick Usborne’s Futureproof Copywriting course.” – Steve Maurer

Here’s the full curriculum for the Futureproof
Copywriting Course.

The course is self-paced, so you can work on it at your own speed, whenever it suits your schedule,

Comprised of 14 videos, the course is organized into 3 parts…

Part 1 – A Deep Dive into AI

Lecture 1 – Introductions to AI + EI

Lecture 2 – How to Leverage AI Writing Tools to The Max

Lecture 3 – How to Use GPT-4 For Yourself and Your Clients

Lecture 4 – Other AI Tools for Writers and Copywriters

Lecture 5 – Be Transparent and Honest About Your Use of AI

Part 2 – Become an Expert in EI

Lecture 6 – An Introduction to EI

Lecture 7 – Emotional Intelligence for Sales & Marketing

Lecture 8 – Listen With a High Level of EI

Lecture 9 – Emotionally Intelligent Language is About being Conversational

Lecture 10 – Emotionally Intelligent Language is Simple Language

Lecture 11 – Nothing Engages as Quickly And as Emotionally as Stories

Part 3 – Combining AI with EI

Lecture 12 – AI + EI… Case Study #1

Lecture 13 – AI + EI… Case Study #2

Lecture 14 – 8 Steps to Futureproofing Your Copywriting Business by Combining AI with EI

“This course is time and money well spent. Nick is a delight and offers terrific personal insights with solid, practical approaches for writing smarter, not harder. Lots of good, step-by-step instruction and fresh, motivating ideas for folding AI into your daily creative process. Thank you, Nick!” – Jen O

What you can expect to take away from this course…

By the time you’ve completed the course you’ll know how to:

  • Turn AI from adversary to ally.
  • Harness the power of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Combine AI + EI to create powerful copy and content that feels unlike anything written by ChatGPT.
  • Stand out from the crowd of writers and copywriters who are either not using AI at all, or who have become over-reliant on it.
  • Future-proof your career as a copywriter and content writer.

As for the price, I’ve made the course super-accessible by pricing it at just $167.

“Thank you Nick for this excellent and well thought through class. I now feel more confident about using AI and more importantly, adding human value to the copy it generates. Your voice is a lighthouse in a sea of confusion.” – Leslie Brenan

Get started today!

Enroll today for a one-time price of just $167, or two monthly payments of $89.

“Taking this course was definitely one of my better decisions and totally worth every cent. Nick has a knack for blending his personal experiences with practical tips. The way he was able to break things down and introduce the concept of weaving AI + EI into copywriting is just brilliant. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned. Thank you, Nick!” – Laine Woolley

“It is so intriguing and compelling for me to learn about how EI may actually be a better gauge of a person’s IQ than simply intelligence. I’m thoroughly enjoying this course!” – Lynn Moore