If you have a WordPress website, get yourself the new bizXpress plugin.

bizXpress keyword research toolWordPress has become the world’s most popular website-building platform. The site you’re on right now is a WordPress site.

Along with so many other people, I like WordPress for a number of reasons. You have total flexibility over the design of your site. It’s the most social of all platforms. And it makes it incredibly easy to add new content and edit existing content.

In short, I love it.

But not all my sites are built with WordPress. My money-making website, CoffeeDetective.com, is built with and hosted on the SiteBuildIt platform.

Why? Because the platform was created specifically to optimize the performance of content-rich, topic-specific sites like my coffee site. In fact my coffee site attracts over TEN times the traffic of the site you’re on now. And believe me, the coffee topic is fiercely competitive.

How do I get so much traffic? Because of what I consider to be the core value of the SiteBuildIt service – Brainstormer, their keyword research tool.

I have been in the SEO business for over 15 years now. I have been a top-rated speaker at major SEO events. And I have used a number of professional-grade keyword research tools over the years. But I have yet to find a tool that is better than Brainstormer.

When Brainstormer identifies a strong keyword or phrase for my site, and I optimize a new page for that phrase, the page almost always performs well, exactly as Brainstormer had predicted.

There are other reasons to like SiteBuildIt as a platform for content-rich, niche-specific websites. But the Brainstormer tool is the true jewel at the heart of the service.

Now let’s skip back to WordPress.

Several people have tried to persuade me that there are plenty of good SEO plugins for WordPress. And I have tried a few of them. But the truth is, they are useless. Really. To do keyword research for my WordPress sites I use a professional-grade keyword research service. And it’s pretty expensive.

bizXpress delivers the power of Brainstormer for WordPress.

As of late last week, you can now get the best of both worlds. You can get all the benefits of WordPress plus the power of Brainstormer.

bizXpress is a WordPress plugin, just launched by the folks at SiteBuildIt. In fact, you can use it either as a plugin or a web service.

It includes all kinds of resources, including instructional content on how to create and optimize a content-rich website. But again, at its heart, its true value lies in the fact that bizXpress includes the Brainstormer tool.

In other words, if you use WordPress, you can now plug in the power of the Brainstormer keyword research tool and do a much better job of attracting organic search traffic.

It isn’t free. But it comes in at about half the price of the full SiteBuildIt service, and less than half the price of an annual subscription to any other professional-grade keyword research tool.

I have already installed bizXpress on one of my WordPress sites and now have a list of new posts to write, optimize and publish.

As for you, if you have a WordPress site, I would absolutely recommend that you get bizXpress…particularly if you are working on a theme-based, content-rich site designed to attract a ton of organic search traffic.

If you don’t yet have a content-rich site on WordPress, but are planning to, bizXpress will help you identify the best niche or topic to focus on.

There is a Lite version of bizXpress that you can get free. Install it and test-drive it. If you like it as much as I do, you can then pay for the full version.

Learn more about bizXpress here…

About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.

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5 thoughts on “If you have a WordPress website, get yourself the new bizXpress plugin.”

  1. Hi Nick

    Always enjoy your newsletter and appreciate how you hone in on a single topic that I can often apply to what I do.

    I’m using both SBI (for AllAboutMealPlanning.com) and wordpress.com (for DarrenStehle.com) and of course saw the same email for the new bizXpress plugin.

    I’m looking at how I can combing my SBI site concept and blog content under one roof. Been brainstorming, have a concept and a new domain, but I am very confused about whether to use the wordpress.org platform (self hosted and most likely the SBI plug in), or launch a second SBI site.

    Your feedback would be really appreciated since you are also using both platforms. I want to be able to write much longer posts, but still have content categorized under a triad for ‘eat’, ‘move’, ‘be’. AllAboutMealPlanning is the content for ‘Eat’ and I write content on my blog about movement and personal growth.

    My concern with launching the new site under SBI is that I might not have enough flexibility for page length, etc. I also want much more design freedom.

    Maybe I’ve answered my own question, but seeing that you have both types of sites I welcome and appreciate your feedback.

    Many thanks


    • Darren, hi

      If I were to start a new site, I think I would go with WordPress now. And I would use the bizzXpress plugin. That way I would get the best of both worlds.


  2. Hello. I’ve used SBI in the past and was very happy with it. I let my site go because of personal issues and I had to stop working on my site. Now I am ready and excited to try again. Everyone (including you) suggests to go with WordPress. However, I heard WP sites are not as secure as a website such as those built on the SBI platform. I am extremely tech challenged, so I wouldn’t know how to deal with that type of problem. Would you still recommend WP or do you think the regular SBI website would be a better option for me? Your advise is greatly appreciated.


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