Marianne rocks it with Marketing Confidence.

marketing Confidence student.An email I received from Marianne Foscarini:

Nick, I want to give you a profound “Thank you!” for showing me how to Love (My) Marketing.

Love Your Marketing – part of the Marketing Confidence program –  has exceeded my expectations. By adapting your strategies to my own copywriting business my productivity and profits have significantly increased. But more than that, it is impacting my customers too.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

I was hired by a woman to help her transition from a different industry to a new focused website. She had written up new web content, but it wasn’t working.

After our discovery phone call I suggested that she needs to “find her message” before she does anything else.

I finished the project and emailed her my files, but she emailed me back:

“I’m feeling like it’s not quite there yet and still needs work.” And she offered to pay me the balance.

I thought, “Oh no!” And asked her if she was partially satisfied or had I missed the boat completely.

She emailed back saying, “I’m not sure I feel close … I feel the message was lacking … I also felt it was too similar to what it was before and I feel it needs to be totally revamped.”

I felt I had done a good job and was at a loss. I went back to my computer … Then it hit me! She had completely misunderstood what I was doing. Of course, it is my fault that I wasn’t clearer, so I emailed her again explaining how it all goes together.

Then she emailed me this …

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well isn’t that interesting! I see exactly what you’re saying about the message!!! All of these lightbulbs just went off!!!! Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize! … OOHH my gosh, I love the…”

She hired me to do more work.

Based on that success, I decided to attend my first ever business breakfast meeting at a local restaurant. And for my elevator speech I said, “I help Christian business owners clarify their unique message. This sets them apart from the competition and accelerates their productivity and increases their profit.”

I emailed everyone an email later thanking them for the warm welcome. One emailed me back asking for help with website content, ghostwriting a book, and a press release.

When we had our “discovery phone call” he said he contacted me because he realized he needs help with uncovering his message first.

Since then, a second person has emailed me asking for my portfolio. I don’t know what will become of that, but when you consider there were only seven of us at the breakfast, that is remarkable.

It also shows what a great need there is for people to understand what you’ve been trying to tell them all along… find your message and you’ll love your marketing.

Marianne Foscarini


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