Monday Spark: Eating chocolate makes you smarter!

eating chocolate makes you smartI do love to be the bearer of good news.

Anyway, it’s official. Chocolate makes you smarter. It really does.

In a recent research study, just published by The New England Journal of Medicine, it was shown that there is a direct correlation between a country’s chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel prize winners it produces.

That’s right. The more chocolate you eat, the more likely you are to become a Nobel laureate.

Here is a quote for you, from the study.

“The principal finding of this study is a surprisingly powerful correlation between chocolate intake per capita and the number of Nobel laureates in various countries. Of course, a correlation between X and Y does not prove causation but indicates that either X influences Y, Y influences X, or X and Y are influenced by a common underlying mechanism.”

Never mind the X and Y stuff. Just focus on the chocolate.

With this research in mind, I have compiled a handy list of times when every freelancer should reach for some chocolate.

– When you get up in the morning and don’t feel very smart

– Before you start work

– Before reading anything with long sentences

– Before writing anything

– Before thinking about what to do next

And you don’t have to stop eating chocolate when your work day ends. That improved level of cognitive function can help in your family life too.

Reach for more chocolate…

– Before helping your 5-year old child with her math homework

– Before having a conversation with your teenage children

– Before making “helpful suggestions” to your spouse

As I said, wonderful news for us all!

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About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.


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