How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

This program is exactly as its name suggests – it’s all about the how just about anyone can make money by writing their own website on a topic of their choosing.

I’m not talking about making millions of dollars here.

I’m talking about making a decent second income stream. It could be an extra $500 a month, or $5,000 a month.

Not a fortune. But for most of us, that kind of extra income can make a real difference.

While I have many years experience as a professional online writer and copywriter, my program really isn’t about how someone with my qualifications can make money writing a website.

I have written this program so that my son or neighbor or aunt can follow along page by page and write their own website.

In fact, much of what I write about in this program is not based on my professional work at all. It is based on my experience with a hobby site I write during my spare time.

You can check it out if you want at Detective homepage

This is a classic information site. I don’t sell anything. I simply provide useful information for people who are interested in brewing great coffee.

And the Coffee Detective site isn’t particularly fancy. There is nothing cool about the design of the site. No fancy widgets or gadget. Just page after page of useful, helpful information.

My site could just as well be about playing the guitar, collecting hockey cards, garden ponds, travel in Alaska, fly fishing, tango dancing or just about anything else.

The beauty of this process and system is that you can pick a topic that actually interests you. In fact, the more passionate you feel about your topic, the more you will enjoy writing your site.

This really is the “every person” way to make money online. The only skill you need is the ability to write.

Well, that may be oversimplifying things a little.

You also have to understand about how and why people find and read one web site and not another.

You need to know how to write pages that will impress the search engines.

And you need to know how to make some money from those pages.

That is what my program is all about.

It walks you through the creation process step by step.

And none of those steps are technical or beyond the grasp of someone who already has an internet connection.

What I like about the program is that it based on common sense, from beginning to end. And each step really does follow the one before. Just follow the process, without missing anything, and you’ll have your own money-making website.

All that said, there is one thing you have to provide all on your own. You have to be really stubborn. You have to keep working on your site and keep adding pages, even if there are times when it looks like you’ll never get enough visitors to make any money.

The #1 reason why people don’t make money with this kind of site is that they give up too soon. Making money from an information site takes time. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

With it was a few months before I sat up and took notice of the money that was coming in each month.

But after that, I made enough money each month to really make a difference.

The bottom line?

If you want to make a residual, consistent income from the web, simply by writing on a topic you already find interesting, my program will show you how.

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Testimonials from people who have completed the program:

“Nick’s program is amazing. I am going through it again with everyone else who’s taking his teleconference and the stuff I’ve picked up the second time around has doubled my traffic.

I’ve purchased a lot of Internet marketing programs and they didn’t come close to the results-oriented program that Nick offers. This is truly a Money-Making Website step-by-step guide that really works. Since I’ve purchased Nick’s program, I have created a 70-page website that receives traffic … which is the life-blood of any website.

I finally feel like I’m seriously going to be able to quit my day job and be a work-from-home mom.”

Michelle Sears,


“Regarding Nick’s Money-Making Website program, I believe it to be an excellent business plan, or blueprint, that anyone can use to help them structure a website, regardless of what their goal is.

I am now at the point where I can see so much of the “chatter” on the Internet that really is a waste of time and effort. Nick’s program is not this way.

The best way for anyone to take advantage of Nick’s program is to read it, then read it again, then start their project … And, when they do, they need to have laser focus on what he says, and ignore all the other hype on the market.

My site developed out of a new found passion for getting healthy. Although my site is young, I see traffic results doubling each month, because I am focusing on genuine content.”

Don Kowalski,


“I’ve had the program for awhile, but never got around to doing much with it until we had our seven-week walk-through with Nick. This structure and accountability was EXACTLY what I needed to make the program a priority in my life. I loved the format, the information, and access to others going through the same thing.

In six weeks time, I went from not having a clue about what topic to choose to having a website live! I’m sooo excited about my new website and it’s potential. And I’m grateful for the jump-start to help get me going! I’m telling everyone I know that they should sign up for this program. I’m already thinking about what I want my second site to be about! And, I’m having a blast doing it.”

Kerrie Hubbard,


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