No, that demanding client of yours is NOT your boss.

freelancer's demanding client

If you’ve watched the opening video on my coaching page, you’ll already be familiar with the backstory of why we so often defer to a boss… even when we don’t have one.

Basically, it’s build-in, hard-wired.

Right from the start, from the day we were born, there has ALWAYS been a boss in our life.

Our first bosses were our parents.

Then our teachers and coaches at school.

And then our managers and bosses at work.

We have barely gone through a day in our lives when we haven’t been paying attention to the directions of a boss.

So when we launch ourselves as freelancers, there is this huge, gaping void in our experience of the world.

Suddenly there’s no boss. Nobody is sitting in the chair at the head of the table.

It’s kind of freaky. Definitely uncomfortable.

So when we talk with a client or a prospective client, it feels totally natural to put him or her in that chair. To designate that person as the boss in the room.

Big mistake.

As soon as you do that… as soon as you put them in that chair… you lose control. You submit to their authority. You acknowledge and accept their power over you.

Don’t do that.

If you want to be a massively successful freelancer — to achieve your true potential — there is only one person who belongs in that chair at the head of the table, and that person is YOU.

As a freelancer YOU are the boss of your own business.

You only cease to be the boss if you voluntarily give up that position and authority to someone else.

Allow that to happen, and you’ll suddenly find yourself saying yes to project fees that are lower than you wanted. You’ll say yes to working longer hours than you planned on. You’ll say yes to every pushy little demand a client makes.

And all because you gave up control and let them be the boss.

Yes, I get it. There’s something natural and “comfortable” about designating your prospect or client as the boss in the room.

It feels familiar. It feels safe to have a boss.

But it’s a mistake. And it’s a mistake you don’t need to make.

You just need to make a clean break with the way things were before you became a freelancer.

Make a clean break with the idea that you need a boss in your life.

Taking that step will make a huge difference to your business.

Suddenly you’ll find yourself able to command much higher fees.

You’ll have complete control over the hours you work.

You’ll feel comfortable saying NO when that’s what you want to say.

In short, when you get comfortable with becoming the true boss of your freelance business… everything gets a whole lot better.

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