Take your content creation skills to the next level by becoming a web content optimization expert.

23 Instructional videos on how to optimize 7 essential types of web content.

By taking this course you’ll learn how to create web content that is optimized to attract more prospects, engage them more deeply and convert them into high-value customers.

While most of us know that content can be optimized for the search engines, it can also be optimized just as rigorously for other content types too.

Content can be optimized for social media, link-building, lead generation, pre-selling, audience engagement and more.

And that’s what my course is all about… 23 video lectures on optimizing content for each of 7 different types of web page.

• As a web content writer or online copywriter, this course is your ticket to enhancing your skills, differentiating yourself in a busy marketplace, and charging higher fees for your services.

• For growth hackers and entrepreneurs, optimizing ALL your website’s content will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

The course is available through Udemy, and the link below will take you to my course page, where you’ll find a full description of the course curriculum, and get immediate and FREE access to some sample course videos.

Web Content Optimization course PDF

“Within days of taking this course, I was able to use what I learned with a new client. Repositioned as an optimization expert, I had a higher perceived value in their minds. And that led to a better paycheck!”Steve Maurer

“Good course. Gave me many ideas to work on to increase the number of leads and links to my website.” Peng-Wai Wong

“I learned more about optimization within 3 hours than I had in the 3 years prior. This sails effortlessly into 5 Star plus territory.”Peter Skoda

“A goldmine of a course taught by an SEO master.” Sue Turcotte

See the full curriculum and check out those FREE sample videos…

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this course…

  • Master the skills of creating QUALITY web content
  • Get a firm grasp on what it means to OPTIMIZE content
  • Learn to apply Search Engine Optimization like a Pro
  • Discover the power of “On-Purpose” Inbound Links
  • Rock Social Media with optimized content
  • Increase sales with powerful content that pre-sells
  • Generate leads with content that grabs and inspires
  • Build deeper and more profitable relationships with customers
  • Boost your sales during key buying seasons and holidays
  • Create your own killer Web Content Optimization Checklist

“I have studied SEO for years but have never had the changes explained as clearly as Nick does. Thanks Nick! I’ve just finished the lecture on Link Building – more valuable advice about things I have never considered! Can’t wait for more.” Allan Miller

“What I love about Nick’s training is not only do you learn what to do and how to do it, you also learn why you’re doing it. This way, everything just makes so much more sense, and more importantly, makes it easier to apply… and profit from! If you do any kind of web content, investing in this course will make you better (and smarter) at what you do — and give you a strong competitive advantage.”  Jim Wright

“Even though I’ve been writing for the web for several years, this course provided a number of great reminders, and a few tips that I wasn’t yet aware of. And last but not least, Nick is a very engaging presenter, which is very noticeable. Thanks very much, Nick, and best wishes from Scotland.” Matthew Newnham

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“This is a great course – lots of info, no time-wasting fluff. Nick is a brilliant teacher and presents in a clear, logical manner.” Toni Milne

“Really good course from an expert in the field who happens to be a natural teacher. I’m halfway through at this point, it’s been one sitting, and after lunch I intend to complete it – then go back and listen to the whole thing again. Great job!” Mark Heap

“Sweet and to the point. No time wasted and solid information. This course is worth your time … and money.” Manola Andreu

“I really love the way the program can be consumed in bite-sized, easy-to-understand segments that get right to the point and keep me moving along. It’s a much easier, more compelling way to learn and integrate information.”  Kathy Smith

“Useful information that I can put to use. Engaging style of delivery. I like that Nick talked over the slides rather than having footage of him speaking to us.” Hugh Asher

“Very informative course, no matter how much you knew about SEO before this course Nick will leave you thinking “its so simple and obvious – NOW!!!”” Esther Lehman

“Excellent content provided in a quick, easy to digest course. This course provides great value and is well worth the small investment.” Doug Johnson

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