Praise for Copywriting 2.0 from online copywriter Chase Canyon.

online copywriting program post it notes
Chase Canyon’s Post-It notes from studying Copywriting 2.0

Can you think of any industry that doesn’t have some kind of copy on the internet? Probably not many. The vast majority of businesses have some sort of online presence. That’s just our world today. Consumers rely on the internet for everything from banking to shopping to research. And businesses need to be in front of them.

So there is no shortage of demand for excellent web copy. But there is an enormous shortage of people who can write it well. Unfortunately, the learning curve for writing web copy has been slow for a huge percentage of businesses – and very unforgiving for many as a result.

Nick’s message from the beginning has been, “Writing for the Web is different.” I’ll admit I had no idea how different it was until I bought his program, Copywriting 2.0. But it’s a totally different audience that speaks a totally different language.

The language gap is not something you notice while you’re reading it. But think of how many times you’ve opened a web page hoping to find what you were looking for and said, “No way! I’m not even going to read that!” You could tell within five seconds, and you jumped on the back button.

Crappy writing on the Web is an epidemic because most of the people writing it don’t know what the Web audience needs in order to keep them reading and eventually take action.

If you’re going to write for clients who need online copy (and chances are you will), Copywriting 2.0 covers the entire foundation of fundamentals. It is the best investment I’ve made in my copywriting career.

Being the serial Post-It-Noter that I am, I wanted to create a checklist of all the core concepts and essential procedures to save myself from thumbing through nearly 500 pages of instructions and insights and several hours of video tutorials (did I mention how thorough this program is?)

Several Post-It pads later, I managed to whittle it down to one bulletin board of organized chaos, and I refer to it every time I write something for a website. I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for a copywriter to have the information in Copywriting 2.0.

Chase Canyon
Online Copywriter

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