Writers fall into the Sameness Trap when they rely too much on AI and lists of “Killer Prompts”.

Client companies are already seeing it… and they don’t like it.

Freelance and in-house writers are relying too heavily on AI tools like ChatGPT to write their sales copy, content, and social media updates.

The result? When you use the same tool as every other writer, you begin to churn out writing that feels generic, flat… and the same as everything else out there.

And that’s the part companies don’t like.

AI combined with “prompt engineering” drags you even deeper into the sameness trap.

It’s not just about everyone using ChatGPT or GPT-4. And by the way… if you’re using some other brand name AI writing tool or service, chances are they’re using ChatGPT as their backend AI.

It’s also about how writers are seeking to optimize their use of these tools.

Go to Google and search for “gpt prompt engineering”.  You’ll find over 12,000,000 results. That’s insane!

Every writer wants to get the most from GPT, so they look for the “top 20 prompts”, or “50 killer prompts” and so on.

The more people use these lists of prompts, the more they are adding another layer of “sameness” to their copy and content.

Same prompts for the same AI tools.

Neither companies nor freelancers can afford this sameness or lack of differentiation.

Nobody wants to sound the same as everyone else.

Companies have often invested many years and even millions of dollars in establishing a unique brand that differentiates them from their competitors.

They literally can’t afford to start publishing copy and content that sounds and feels “the same”.

Generic, robotic copy not only dilutes their brand, but also reduces customer engagement. When copy lacks a unique voice or appeal, it’s unlikely to be talked about and shared.

The same is true for freelancers. If your copy samples read like they were created by ChatGPT, why would anyone hire you?

This is why you should use Emotional Intelligence to add value to AI content.

The cure for the sameness trap is to add one more layer to the mix… Emotional Intelligence.

I’m all for using AI… I use it myself. But I always take one step further. I apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotion increases engagement, and fosters a sense of trust.

Emotion improves recall, and helps build a sense of shared community.

And, as every experienced copywriter knows, appealing to a reader’s emotions is the most reliable way to close a sale.

Plus… when you add genuine emotion to any copy, you’re adding something unique… through voice, story or emotional touchpoints.

Your adding something different to that copy.

Bye bye sameness.

How does this work? How can you differentiate and empower your AI writing with Emotional Intelligence?

This is the topic and promise of my new course, Futureproof Copywriting.

It’s essential training for copywriters who want to use AI, but without falling into the sameness trap.

Find out more about the course here…

Futureproof copywriting course

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