Monday Spark: Have you lost your song?

lost your songRobb Braun isn’t famous. At least, I don’t think he is.

What you’ll see in the video below is a talk he gave at Toastmasters. Not at some fancy conference.

But he has a great message. And he’s right. As kids we all had our own song, that sense of who we were, what we felt was special about ourselves, and how we saw ourselves in the world.

But as Robb says, over time most of us learn to quieten that song, because it rarely fits in with what is expected of us…from our families, our schools and our friends. We turn down the volume in order to fit in and not rock the boat.

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When you have nothing more to say.

nothing to sayI work with a lot of freelancers, as a teacher and as a coach.

9 times out of 10, when I visit their blogs, Facebook pages and other social media pages, they had nothing to say today, or yesterday, or last week.

This is a problem.

A few years ago, when most freelance websites were simply a collection of static, evergreen pages, you could get away without adding much to your site. But not any more.

If you have a blog, you need to post something more often than once every couple of weeks. If you have a Facebook page or a Google+ page, you need to be active on a daily basis.

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3 Key business assets every freelancer should nurture and protect.

As freelancers we keep ourselves busy either doing work or looking for work.

Nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with ignoring the key business assets on which your future success will be built.

Here are the three assets I consider essential to any freelancer who wants to grow an enduring and healthy business.

#1 – Deep relationships

The freelancer who completes one project and then seeks out another company for the next project is working inefficiently.

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