When your inner fire starts to burn low, what’s a freelancer to do?

freelancer flameAs freelancers we work alone.

A lot of the time that’s a good thing. No time wasted on commuting. No time lost in dreary meetings. No ducking behind the cubicle to avoid the most annoying person in the office.

But…working alone can be tough sometimes too.

It can be particularly tough when your inner fire begins to run low.

What you’re inner fire? It’s the source of drive and energy that propels you forward each day. It’s the driver behind all your hopes and ambitions for the future.

It’s that same energy and belief in yourself that probably got you started as a freelancer in the first place.

Once you have launched your business, you still need that fire to burn bright. It’s what keeps you moving forward. It’s what drives you up to higher levels of success.

But…and I think this happens to all of us…there are times when the fire burns low. And because we work alone, there is nobody else close by to help us fan the flames back to life.

So what is a freelancer to do?

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Monday Spark: Do you love your message as much as this guy? [VIDEO]

eddie obeng enthusiasmRecently I have been writing and speaking about the power of loving your message.

Simply put, it isn’t easy to promote yourself when you try to sell your services on the basis of the sum of your expertise and experience. You’ll never feel totally confident, because you’ll always know that your knowledge is incomplete and that other people know more than you do.

But when you have a message you love, everything changes. Instead of trying to promote yourself, or the sum of your knowledge, you promote your message.

My message, back in the late 1990s, was “writing for the web is different”. It was a new and exciting message back then, and nobody else was saying it. And it built me a business before I had any kind of expertise or experience in writing for the web.

People hired me because they loved my message.

Now…to give you an idea of what loving your message looks and sounds like, check out the video below.

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Monday Spark: If you’re not doing CRAZILY energetic work, you’re not trying hard enough.

high energy creative with two cellosMost of us set the bar way to low when it comes to believing what we are capable of.

We do good work. We are productive. We put energy into our work.

But how often do you do CRAZILY good work?

How often are you CRAZILY productive?

How often do you put a CRAZY amount of energy into what you do?

We can all do it. It just that we don’t reach up that high very often.

If you want a little inspiration, take a look at what these two guys do with their cellos…

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