Follow your own dreams, not someone else’s. (And be sure it’s an amazing dream.)

Follow your dreams.I have written about this before, but as it’s early in the year I wanted to tackle the subject again.

As the New Year gathers steam, we feel inspired to set new goals, maybe move forward in new directions, and take on fresh and interesting projects.

That’s all good.

But there is a caveat.

Don’t be lured into taking on someone else’s goals, directions and projects. They may be a perfect fit for that person, but not so much for you.

Let me explain.

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Monday Spark: Share your gift and prosper.

the gift of copywritingA while back I wrote a post about how copywriters are the rock stars of online business.

Put simply, ecommerce is driven by words. Without good copywriting, there are no sales.

If you have talent as an online copywriter or content writer, you are fortunate. These skills are a true gift.

Now let’s look at two very different ways in which you can use that gift.

First, you can focus on making as much money as possible. You know you have a skill companies need, and you can look for ways to maximize your fees and revenues. When you have something of great value, you can sell it at a premium price.

You trade your gift for cash.

But there is another way of looking at this, taking the meaning of the word “gift” a little more literally.

Look at your gift as something to be shared and passed on.

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Monday Spark: The 8 Secrets of success in 3 minutes [VIDEO]

richard st. john successI wonder how many hours, days, months and years you have devoted to your search for the secrets of success.

All those ebook, talks, programs, and more.

Well, here is some good news for you.

Now you can learn the secrets of success in 3 minutes, thanks to this TED talk by author, Richard St.John.

Inspired by a question from a high school student on a flight, he decided to roll up his sleeves and really find out what successful people had in common.

In fact, he spent 10 years on this project and interviewed 500 extraordinary people. He then distilled everything into a talk he could give at high schools. In other words, after 10 years he found himself able to answer the question he was asked on that flight.

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Get into a positive mindset before you start writing for your clients.

lollipop doctorWhen I was a fledgling copywriter in my early 20s, I attacked each project with a tsunami of positivity.

I was totally pumped, screaming with optimism, and just threw myself at every challenge and opportunity. I was like a kid in a toy store with cash in my pocket. I loved every project, even the “boring” ones for industrial clients.

I was on a natural high every time I sat down to work.

Today, 30 years and several mortgages later, that tsunami has lost a bit of its spontaneous power.

I don’t mean I have lost my interest in writing. I haven’t. I still love it just as much. And I’m almost certainly a better writer today than I was back then.

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Aim – more or less – then Fire, and then get Ready.

ready aim fire confusionWhen freelancers are starting out and preparing to launch their new businesses, they generally take forever to get ready.

Me: I thought you were going to start calling some prospects last week.

Them: I know, but I’m not quite ready.

I get the same answer one week later, and then the week after that.

(If you think I’m talking about you in particular as you read this, I’m not. I’m thinking of dozens of freelancers I have spoken with or coached.)

What’s happening here?

Two things, I think.

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Monday Spark: Find your own 2:57 Moment.

2:57 momentIn my first Monday Spark post, a few weeks ago, I showed a video of Jeb Corliss jumping off a cliff.

That video inspired me to make some changes to a presentation I gave several weeks ago at the AWAI Bootcamp at Delray Beach in Florida.

I showed the video and, since then, I have seen a few mentions on Facebook and on blogs of what I described in my presentation as the “2:57 moment”.

So I thought I had better explain what that’s all about.

First off, here is that video again. Watch it now, and pause it at 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

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