Testimonial for my online copywriting program, Copywriting 2.0, from Doug Denny.

Doug's copy of Copywriting 2.0

Trading Angst and Loathing for Fear…by Doug Denny.

(Note: That’s my copy of Copywriting 2.0 in the picture, complete with bookmarks and coffee stains.)

Coming out of the November 2009 AWAI Boot Camp as a new Circle of Success member, I was determined to maximize what I had learned with the raw writing skills I knew I had.

What I was unsure about was which direction I was going to take, with so many directions to choose from. In reviewing my Bootcamp Primer before leaving, I circled “web copy” to check out, as it was noted that an additional agenda was being developed for what sounded interesting. That proved to an extremely fortuitous choice for me.

Upon returning home, and becoming familiar with the AWAI Circle of Success page, I came across Copywriting 2.0, Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts by Nick Usborne, and in an “idea-whose-time-had-come” moment of epiphany, jumped out at me. To say, my life changed from that day on, is an understatement.

January 2010 came quickly and after five years; I was still in a dead-end job awash in angst and loathing. Not having a website of my own, a direction or even a focus of what to do next, but knowing I could write compelling copy, I obtained, what I now call, “My Bible”, Nick’s book on copywriting.

I started contacting friends and family in search of a website to write. Not knowing if it was luck or fate, a close friend started a construction business and called me to help write his website. I was ecstatic with the feeling of being paid to write a website.

Through his book, often reading into the night, to me Nick and I became mentor and novice, even friends. Never met him, but felt like I knew him. My first website was a smash success, my friend was happy and grateful at the results. Over the next ten months, I read, re-read, and absorbed as much as I could while learning on the fly from Nick.

Flush from that success, I developed my company name, Double D Copywriting and incorporated under DeJa Marketing, LLC. I got a website up, with some basic copy and began networking in the evening while working what I would become to call, my “Fake Job” during the day.

By end of March 2010, I made the decision that I was going to quit that fake job as soon as possible. Over the next few months, I continued to network, getting website jobs from that and from friends and my confidence grew.

On October 15, 2010 I came to a major decision. I was going trade angst and loathing for fear. Like most people, my wife and I have a house payment every month as well as our selves to support. Feeling fear unlike I had never faced before, I marched into my manager’s office and handed in my letter of resignation.

Starting November 1st I was going to support myself writing website copy and content full time for a living. It has now been over six months and I have never looked back. Fear is a great motivator, while angst and loathing only give you heart attacks.

I have to tell you, if it weren’t for Nick Usborne whom I consider the best website copywriter there is, his skill and advice I would not be writing this today. His words, “Do your best, and execute it perfectly”, along with fear get me up in the morning. In addition, I’m proud to say, I now get paid for it. Thanks Nick for my new life!

Doug Denny
Double D Copywriting

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