The topic for your own money-making website is right there in your head.

money making website ideas in your headAs you may know, outside of my regular work I also have a hobby website about coffee. It’s called

This is a site I started 7 years ago, and I’m still adding to it and improving it today. How come? Because I’m a huge coffee lover and enjoy writing about it and helping people brew a better cup of gourmet coffee at home.

Another reason to enjoy writing my site is that it has become a second source of income for me and my family. Best of all, it’s pretty much passive income, through ads and affiliate partnerships. I don’t have to sell or ship anything. I just have to keep writing and adding great content to the site, which I enjoy doing.

Anyway, a few years after starting the site I decided to share what I had learned with other people by writing a program which explains, step by step, how to write your own money-making website.

Over a thousand people have now taken the program, and hundreds of new websites have been published. And some of those sites are now coming close to or even exceeding the income I make from my coffee site.

But as I walk people through the training process, a lot of people struggle with step one, which is to choose a topic for your website. A few people know right away, but a lot of people seem to struggle, trying to find a subject they will really enjoy writing about, and in a way that separates their sites from the crowd online.

But here’s the thing…when they finally find the topic they want, it was almost always right in front of their nose from the beginning. It was something already in their head…an existing interest about which they were already knowledgeable, to some degree.

In other words, your own topic for a money-making website is already there, inside your mind right now.

coffee detective website
My own money-making website about gourmet coffee.

It’s probably a subject you already write about and share through social media. Or something you talk about with friends and neighbors. Or something you DO after work and at weekends.

I have also had people say to me that their day is totally filled with work and family, and that they don’t have time for hobbies or other interests. Well, one of our program members was in a similar position, having recently given birth to twins. So she wrote her website about raising twins.

The point is, you are probably sharing your knowledge and interests right now, with online friends and followers, not to mention family and friends.

Building a money-making website allows you to share all that passion in one place…your own website. This is a site you will own and keep adding to for many years to come. It will be a journal of your growing body of knowledge, and a chronicle of conversations you have with your readers.

And, of course, it will become a source of passive income, so you’ll earn money from what you love to write about.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out my program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

You can access the program right away, and then join my series of 7 weekly live training webinars beginning on June 18th.

I do the live training only two or three times a year, so if you want to kick-start your own website, get the program now, so you have time to go through it before the live training begins.


About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.

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