Kathy’s Money-Making Websites helped put her children through school.

Kathy Widenhouse and family
Kathy Widenhouse with her family

Recently I got to talking with someone who had taken my Money-Making Websites program. The more she told me, the more I wanted to share her story.

So I asked her to write up her experiences. And here’s what she wrote…

January 11, 2017

Dear Nick,

I wanted to stop by and say thanks for your Money-Making Websites program. I was one of your first enrollees, way back in 2010.

I had turned to writing full-time after retiring from the military and by the time I heard about your course, I had built a good income as a content writer and copywriter for faith-based and nonprofit organizations.

When I heard about this “great new course for building your own money-making websites” I was intrigued but to be perfectly truthful, I was also a bit put off by the price tag.

It was your honesty that pushed me to jump in. Learning to write and sell my services had taken a lot of work. So when you and others explained that like most things in life worth having, a successful passive-income information site is not a get-rich-quick-scheme – “it’s not a sprint, but a marathon” – I knew that you came from a place of reality.

I’m so glad I enrolled because course was worth every penny. You led me step-by-step through what I needed to do to build a successful information site that makes money and that’s fun to own! Plus, the online sessions motivated me to get my site started and get it online.

I launched my first money-making site, Tomato Dirt (www.tomatodirt.com), in mid-2010, but not after taking my time in the step you said was one of the most important: choosing my subject matter carefully. I considered dozens of topics for my site. One day as I sat on our patio with my laptop doing research on potential site topics, my husband walked by. He had just been out in the vegetable garden. “My tomatoes have a disease,” he said. “I don’t know what it is. And I can’t find it on any website.” My mind kicked into gear. Was there an information website for home gardeners dedicated 100% to growing tomatoes? That led to Tomato Dirt. Did I mention that both hubby and I love to garden?

It took me about six months of work to build traffic (I work at it about 5-10 hours a week), but I followed your format and after about a year the site took off. By the time Tomato Dirt was two years old, we were enjoying a fun “extra” from the website – it was making enough money to provide for our daughter’s living expenses while she was in medical school.

In 2015 I launched a second money-making website, The Cookie Elf (www.cookie-elf.com), which provides easy cookie recipes and baking tips for busy families. The Cookie Elf peaks in traffic during the months when Tomato Dirt traffic slacks off. And during the past year I began migrating my writing website, Nonprofit Copywriter (www.nonprofitcopywriter.com), to an information website platform.

I work on all three sites nearly every day, adding content and sending newsletters and answering email and building affiliate relationships.

Meanwhile our daughter graduated from medical school … and the sites now pay for our son’s living expenses while he is in law school!

In the course you laid out an awesome blueprint for anyone to build a money-making website. All I did was follow your formula and do the work. And it’s fun! Through my three sites, I feel like I’m helping my readers get information they need for gardening, for spending time with their families, and for writing.

I can’t wait to see how these sites continue to grow as I keep working your formula and as I add other information products to my line. My goal is build enough passive income so that I can scale back on client work and travel more with hubby.

Thanks, Nick! Your course is absolutely terrific. It opened a wonderful door for me. I hope more writers and writers-to-be take advantage of it.

Keep up the great work!

A fan,

Kathy Widenhouse

About the Writer

Kathy Widenhouse is a content writer who specializes in writing for faith-based organizations and the nonprofit market. Her byline has appeared on 100 + articles in more than 40 periodicals, both print and online, and her 6 books now number more than 100,000 in print. Today, she invests time as an online information publisher and in helping nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and ministries have great writing for their organizations. Find her online at www.nonprofitcopywriter.com.

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