Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy.

If your copywriting work includes writing sales page for websites, you’ll want to grab yourself a copy of this guide

writing website sales copy

It isn’t overly long, just 56 pages.

But for all its brevity, it includes a very comprehensive list and explanation of techniques you should try when you absolutely have to maximize conversion rates from your key sales pages.

You can pretty much use this guide as a checklist to hold against all your new and existing sales pages.

And when I say “sales pages”, I’m not talking only about selling products or downloads.

This guide will help you on any page where you want your reader to take an action:

– Product sales pages
– Service sales pages
– Subscription pages
– Registration pages
– Lead generation pages

Use this as your optimization blueprint for when you want to increase conversion rates on key sales and landing pages.

What do you get in this guide?

It explores and explains the two sides of any online sales page.

First it looks at sales and copy techniques that are universal and apply to all sales copy, whether it be online or offline.

Second, it looks at tips and techniques that apply specifically to online copywriting.

As far as I know, this is the only guide that explores both sides of the equation and shows how to combine them. This is important, because most online sales pages underperform because they are weak in one of these areas – universal copy techniques or online copy techniques.

Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy is very inexpensive and I certainly recommend you get a copy, print it out and use it as a blueprint or guide for your next online sales page writing project.

Update: This ebook was formerly for sale through the Wordtracker website, but not any more. I have yet to set up a shopping cart for it on this site. If you would like a copy, I can make that happen “manually”. Step one is to email me at nick@nickusborne.com and let me know you would like to buy a copy. ($14.95).