What if I forced you to double your freelance fees?

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If I suggested you double the fees you charge, maybe you’d tell me that none of your clients would use you.

That sounds reasonable.

After all, as freelancers we don’t set out to charge less than we can. We think we know what our clients and prospects will accept, and we write up our estimates accordingly.

Now I’m going to be totally unreasonable.

Suddenly I have strange superpowers and I’m going to force you to double your fees anyway.

You have no choice. Ten days from today your rates will double, across the board.

So what are you going to do about that?

This won’t be easy. In 10 days a valued client might call you with a new project and you’re going to say, “Excellent! Thanks! And by the way, my fees just doubled.”

Will existing clients accept that you’ll be doubling your fees for the exact same service you offer right now? Probably not. So let’s focus on new clients.

You have 10 days in which to double the perceived value you offer your new clients.

If you want to be able to double your fees, you need to at least double the perceived value of what you provide.

There are many ways in which you can do this. But given that you have only 10 days, here is what I would suggest.

First, become a specialist in the niche in which you have the most experience and talent.

The fastest way to increase your value is to become a specialist. It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor, a lawyer or a copywriter – specialists get paid more than generalists.

Take a look at the work you have done. Identify a niche that matches your experience and interests. Then describe yourself as a specialist.

Here are some examples:

  • I am an IT Industry Case Study Writer
  • I am a Boomer Travel Copywriter
  • I am a Construction Industry Copywriter

Or maybe something up-to-the-minute, like:

  • I am an AI Prompt Writer

What kind of writer or copywriter are you? Choose a high-value niche.

Then change your marketing to reflect your new speciality.

You have only 10 days, but you need to position and present yourself as a specialist in your new niche.

This means making changes to all your marketing materials. It means changing the way you talk about yourself and your services. It means changing any print materials you have. It means updating your web site and LinkedIn profile.

On your web site, it means changing the message on the first screen of your home page. As soon as someone comes to your site, they need to see that you are a specialist.

Have you written any articles that are related to your new niche? If not, start writing…write one a day for the next 10 days, then get them up on your site.

These articles are evidence that you really are a specialist in your field.

If you don’t have a blog, start one today. Focused on your new niche.

Why not do this anyway?

Forget my superpowers. Do this anyway.

Becoming a specialist in a particular niche is the fastest way there is to increase the value you offer and the fees you can command.

And if you really focus on this as being an urgent task, you can make a huge difference in just 10 days.

Note: If you need some help in choosing a high-value niche, or setting your fees, be sure to check out my one-on-one coaching service.

2 thoughts on “What if I forced you to double your freelance fees?”

  1. Perception is good but….There has never been, nor will there ever be an easier time to raise writing fees.

    Shift the blame to inflation. No one can nor will argue with that. If it is too much for a client just be sure and tell them how much you appreciated writing for them and that you will be there for them should they need (not want) your services in the future.

    The next time they call place them on a wait list (even if there isn’t one)…..remember perception. It doesn’t need to be long. Since they are coming back they will be kicking themselves now because they have to wait whereas before they most likely did not. They will appreciate you even more now.

    I have been very successful over the years in building my other business (non-writing related) using smoke and mirrors and have been very successful at it. I like to call it creative marketing.

    It is going on two years in my preparation for retirement in building my writing career. Next year when I retire I plan on using the same techniques in further building my writing career.

    Cheers everyone……


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