5 Reasons why Emotionally Intelligent writing sells more.

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AI is the big thing right now.

And while tools like ChatGPT are incredible in many ways, there’s one thing they’re really, really bad at.


Bots don’t do emotion.

They definitely don’t write with emotional intelligence.

For a start, they have no first-hand experience of emotions. Lines of code can’t fall in love, or laugh.

And they can’t feel empathy for others. Lines of code don’t care about people, and how they feel.

This is a problem for writers and marketers who rely too heavily on AI.

They end up with a ton of content which fails to connect with its readers at an emotional level.

Fortunately, we have a solution for that… Emotionally Intelligent writing.

Here are five ways in which emotionally intelligent writing raises the bar way above what AI alone can achieve.

#1 – Emotionally Intelligent writing makes people feel heard and understood.

This is the magic of empathy. When you recognize how other people feel, you’re able to write in a way that respects and mirrors those feelings. When the reader sees that… when she feels heard… that’s a powerful moment.

Her feelings are validated, and she’ll lean into whatever you’re going to say next.

In other words, writing with empathy wins you a much deeper level of engagement and attention.

#2 – Emotionally Intelligent writing fosters a sense of trust.

When people feel heard, and get the message that you really care about what they feel and what they want, their trust in you – and in what you say – deepens.

Building trust is essential to any marketing activity. You can have the most amazing promotion of all time… but if your reader doesn’t trust you, nothing happens. Those prospects don’t move on to become customers.

Once again… Emotional Intelligence comes to the rescue. Emotionally intelligent writing connects with readers at a deep level, and fosters and communicates a sense of authenticity and sincerity. It builds trust.

#3 – Emotionally Intelligent writing improves recall of your message.

Did you know that emotions play a large role in memory formation?

Promotions you just read and think about disappear from your memory within minutes, or seconds even.

But promotional messages that touch you emotionally are locked into memory for much, much longer. If you think about ads you remember from decades ago – maybe from childhood – they almost certainly delivered a powerful emotional punch.

Now think about the respective values of a promotion that is remembered for 10 seconds, compared with another that is remembered for 10 years.

EI writing delivers real value.

#4 – Emotionally Intelligent writing builds a sense of community.

When we connect with others emotionally, we feel a sense of belonging. We feel empathy for one another… we care for others.

This is why emotionally intelligent writing is so powerful when you’re trying to build community… through your website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord and beyond.

And when people feel they are part of a community, they feel tighter bonds. They are more open to buy products and services that other community members talk about, and recommend.

#5 – Emotionally Intelligent writing is more persuasive.

Ask any experienced copywriter, and she’ll tell you the way to make a sale is through your audience’s hearts. Almost every purchase we make is driven by emotion.

At its most basic level, we buy something because it makes us feel good.

For decades copywriters have been using emotions to increase sales. They know it works.

Writing with emotional intelligence adds power to that truth. It deepens the emotional impact of your writing, and increases conversion rates even more.

Remember, AI writing alone can achieve NONE of this.

Tools like ChatGPT are now a reality in the lives of copywriters and content writers.

And that’s fine… just so long as we understand that relying exclusively on AI isn’t the answer.

AI has zero emotional intelligence.

That’s why the future lies with writers who combine the efficiencies and other benefits of AI with the emotional power of Emotional Intelligence.

To master this winning combination, you need to learn how to fuse AI with EI.

And that is the focus of my new course, Futureproof Copywriting

It’s essential training for all copy and content writers who want to thrive and grow in this new world of AI.

Find out more about the course here…

Futureproof copywriting course

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      • Wow! The written word by humans – a reader/prospect/buyer can feel the emotion of a powerful pitch, smell [in thier minds] the intoxicating aroma of the new coffee/oils/spa candles, hear the background relaxation music/vibes…ai cannot replicate any of those senses. It is up to “US”!

        Learn to train and harness ai skills; you will never look back.

        You got this!


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