7 Reasons why I use SBI! for my money-making websites.

SiteBuildIt website publishing platform.For my business site – the site you are on right now – I use WordPress. It’s an excellent content management program and is just what I need for publishing my posts, managing comments and keeping everything clean and simple.

But for my money-making websites, like CoffeeDetective.com, I use SBI! (Site Build It). Why? Because it includes the exact functionality I need to create a site that attracts a ton of traffic, builds community and generates passive revenue.

Here are the 7 principal reasons why I use it…

1. A professional-grade keyword research tool is included.

When you subscribe to SBI! you get the Brainstormer tool included. This is a powerful keyword research tool that not only allows you to identify your best keywords, but also helps you find niche topics for your site and identify individual the page topics that are the most likely to generate revenue.

From time to time a WordPress fan will tell me that you can get free WordPress plugins for keyword optimization. Yes, you can, but none of those plugins can hold a candle to the Brainstormer tool, which has more in common with professional-grade services like Wordtracker. Brainstormer is vastly more useful than any plugins you might find for WordPress.

Access to this kind of tool is essential to the success of any website you’re creating for the purpose of generating passive income. Your keyword research has to be at the professional-grade level.

2. A user-generated content function

Traffic to my coffee site jumped significantly when SBI! introduced their Content 2.0 function. This tool allows you to invite readers to create and submit their own content to your site. (Moderated, of course.)

On my coffee site over half my pages are either wholly or in part user-generated. Readers submit content about the coffee makers they use, the coffees they enjoy, the problems they encounter and the questions they want answered.

When I look at my analytics page for CoffeeDetective.com, 55% of my site’s top 20 entry pages were user-generated.

This means my site is growing faster, and in sync with what my readers want to know and learn.

3. Newsletter delivery included

A key to building community, and generating a passive income, is to have a subscriber list and send out regular newsletters. Having a newsletter allows me to keep in touch with my readers and let them know what’s new on the site.

List creation and e-newsletter delivery is included within SBI!. There is no need to go out and pay for a separate service.

4. Site analytics included

I can use an outside analytics service like Google Analytics if I want to, but I don’t need to, because there is an analytics package included. This gives me the data points I really need to keep an eye on, like which pages people are visiting the most, where my traffic is coming from, which keywords are being used in searches, and so on.

I can also track traffic that is coming in through image search. And I can track how often my site is being accessed through mobile devices. I can even see the ranking performance of my top keywords on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

5. New page builder

Yes, the old SBI! block-builder tool was clunky, awkward and generally a pain. But that has been upgraded. It’s now much easier, faster and more intuitive when building or editing site pages.

Now I can cut and paste my content into the page much more easily, access and insert images from my image library, links from my links library, and so on.

If I am including a banner or affiliate link, or AdSense block, I can access the code for those from my library of reusable content, and decide whether I want them to appear on one page only, or across every page on the site.

I can also easily add social media badges to each page, and even include a Pinterest button under every image.

Very slick, and very powerful. Certainly a huge improvement over the previous version.

6. Everything on one dashboard

When I log in, everything is there. I can get started building a page or editing a page with one click. Or work with the Brainstormer keyword research tool. Or check for sign-ups to my newsletter, or check my analytics, and so on. All from one page.

If this sounds normal, then check out the guy using another platform who has to log in to several different websites in order to build a page, check out his analytics, check on his e-newsletter and do some keyword research.

7. Broken link alerts

This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s an indicator of the depth of the SBI! system. Every now and again I receive an email alerting me to any broken links on my site. For example, on one of my coffee review pages I might link to a page at a coffee roasting website. But one day they might take down that page or change its name. Now I have a broken link.

My readers will be disappointed by that bad link, and so will Google. So I appreciate the fact that I am alerted to these broken links, because I don’t have time to go through hundreds of pages testing all the outbound links.

Separately – I guess this is #8 – I also receive email alerts when the system identifies other websites on topics that are related to coffee. These are presented to me as opportunities to build inbound links to my site.

All in one…at a price that sounds high to some people, but isn’t.

Some people hesitate at the price of SBI!, which is $299 a year.

Heck, they say, they can get WordPress for free.

Yes, you can put up a website for free. But if you want your website to attract a ton of traffic, engage your readers and generate a strong passive revenue stream, there are a few other services you will need to access.

You’ll need to pay for a professional-grade keyword research tool, and an e-newsletter delivery service, site hosting and a bunch of other features I haven’t even mentioned.

Add those up and you’ll see that you’ll pay a lot less with SBI! , and get all the tools and services you need, integrated within a single package and dashboard.

That’s it. That’s why I use SBI! for CoffeeDetective.com.

You can find out more about SBI! here…

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About the author: Nick Usborne is an online writer, copywriter, author and coach.