Write a better headline, and you’ll improve the performance of every page you create.

23 Instructional videos on how to improve the headlines you write for web content, email and social media.

When you master the headline, you master the whole page… and deliver more value with every screen of content you create.

The headline is the first thing people read on a web page or smartphone screen.

Put simply, the entire page lives or dies according to the quality and effectiveness of the headline.

If the headline works, people keep reading and the page fulfils its purpose.

If the headline fails, people never even read or view the body of the content. The entire page fails.

That’s why building your expertise as an online headline writer gives you incredible leverage over the effectiveness of every page, post, email and social media update you create.

Like I said… when you master the headline, you master the page.

“Nick is a master educator — love his understated style, dry humour, and his frank approach to saying what’s on his mind. He deals in real substance.” Jim Mahannah

“Excellent instruction — especially the frequent exercises to apply my new knowledge.” John Gilger

“I found the material VERY helpful. It was presented in a way that matches exactly how I like to learn: It’s succinct and not bloated with unnecessary verbiage; it contains examples; it contains homework so that I can practice what I’ve learned. Excellent!” Natalie Rotunda

Give yourself an outsized advantage as a content writer by taking this immersive headline-writing course, starting today.

The course comprises 23 video lectures, with a little under three and a half hours of lecture time.

Most of the lectures also include exercises or “homework” to be completed before moving forward. Do the homework and you’ll come out of the course ready to apply what you have learned to your very next project.

  • If you are a freelance content writer, this course will massively increase the value of all the content you create for your clients.
  • If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or growth hacker, writing better headlines will increase the ROI on all your content marketing activities.

This is one of my short-form, low cost courses and is available through the Udemy platform.

The link below will take you to my Udemy course page, where you’ll find a full description of the course curriculum, and get immediate and FREE access to 3 of the course videos.

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“Nick, as always, is engaging, real, and relays info that is extremely usable. I like the homework too. I thought I knew about headlines, only to discover there’s more than meets the eye.” Tina Phillips

“Very good course. Learned a lot on how to write good headlines and subject lines for my web pages and emails.” Peng-Wai Wong

“Love the info, it gave me a better grip on how to write headlines for my website, blog and the reports that I’m writing. It was exactly what I needed! Everything was very well explained in a calm and relaxing voice. This guy is awesome, a real expert in writing headlines. Thank you! :)”  Fa

See the full curriculum and watch those 3 FREE videos here…

“Another high-quality course from Nick Usborne. Engagingly presented, trimmed of fat and lots of great content.” Toni Milne

“Very enjoyable, actionable course! The many excellent examples served as a professionally guided tour through the online space. Homework reinforced the lessons and inspired creativity. Another wonderful Nick Usborne course!” Jennifer Titilah

“I have been waiting for this course since Nick first mentioned it. I’ve done three sections and love it already. I’m glad that he is pulling aside the curtain on the different types of headlines first. And I’m very anxious to do the homework! Thanks Nick.”  Barbara Johnson

Watch all 3 FREE videos and get the discounted course price…

“Nick always comes through with solid, usable info. Have come to appreciate his wry sense of humor and presentation style.” Catherine Koperek

“Very helpful and valuable course! Definitely very satisfied customer!” Andrew Martini

“This course is giving me the tools I would need to write outstanding headlines for Web content and social media. I’m enjoying working on the homework assignments, too, since I always learn more by doing something rather than by only listening to an instructor’s lectures. I think including the homework assignments was a great idea. These exercises are really helping me to internalize the lessons and apply the concepts to headline writing.” Sheila Koester

Check out the full course curriculum here…

“Nick moves the course along with creative assignments that make me think in different ways. I look forward to each section while always learning something new.” Steven Laff

“This course is wonderful. It’s student and learner-centric. He is a true teacher of a craft and is most interested in what we learn and how we experience the course, and outcome. This is vital when teaching any subject. Mr. Usborne has taken all the main information about headlines and put it in an understandable, scale-able format. Lectures are short and to the point, yet provide all the information a writer needs to improve skills. The homework is appropriate and thought-provoking. Plus, it is designed to help students get better in small, defined ways. Each piece of homework and lecture builds upon the last so that by the end you know where you’ve been and know where you can go. The delivery of the lectures is clear and internally consistent. There is no confusion on what is being presented, and learned. Great course.” Holly Helscher

Watch all 3 FREE videos and get the discounted course price NOW…

“Breaks down the topic into usable specifics. Explains the things we’ve all heard before super clearly and with more impact than others do. Provides thoughtful, obviously experience-based tips I haven’t heard before — the nitty gritty of writing routines that will produce results, for example. Specific things to say to show clients that you’re a thinker and a helpful strategic partner, not “just a writer.” Helpful analysis of why things work and why they don’t. Great examples with plenty of detail about headline specs for different venues. Homework well worth doing.” Marcia Clemmitt

“This course has been a tremendous help to me. I didn’t realise that there was so much to writing headlines. Having been aware of an uneasy apprehension about headline composition I found this alleviated very early on as I took in the information. Nick’s delivery is exceptional with an easy to listen to voice and helpful tone. His knowledge and experience comes through at the outset creating a reassuring environment from which to learn and process the material. Every step of the way was clear and I loved the practice sessions which were on offer.” Mariah Haylen

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