23 Instructional videos on how to improve the headlines you write for web content, email, and social media.

Write a better headline, and you’ll improve the performance of every page you create.

The headline is the first thing people read on a web page or smartphone screen.

Put simply, the entire page lives or dies according to the quality and effectiveness of the headline.

If the headline works, people keep reading and the page fulfills its purpose.

If the headline fails, people never even read or view the body of the content. The entire page fails.

That’s why building your expertise as an online headline writer gives you incredible leverage over the effectiveness of every page, post, email and social media update you create.

Master the headline, and you master the page.

This course comprises 23 lectures. Go through them all, do the homework provided, and you’ll learn:

– The craft of writing powerful online headlines

– Best practices when writing headlines for 6 different types of online media

– Secrets from my library of 13 proven approaches to winning with online headlines

– 8 Important headline questions – asked and answered

“The author has a very engaging style of teaching. His lectures are detailed and thoroughly explained. The information provided here is very useful. Thanks for sharing the craft with us. This course has been a wonderful experience.” Sladjana Stamenkovic

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to transform the performance of your online content by writing more powerful headlines for…

  • Write better headlines for blog posts
  • Write better headlines for evergreen web content pages
  • Write better headlines for website homepages
  • Write better headlines for email and e-newsletters, including subject lines
  • Write better headlines for social media across multiple platforms and devices

Who should take this course?

This course is for any online writer or content marketer who recognizes the incredible importance and value of great content, but knows that most readers never get past the headline.

– Freelance content writers who want to create more powerful content for their clients, and give themselves an advantage by offering deep expertise in the craft of writing headlines for online media.

– Freelance copywriters who want to leverage the power of web content and web content headlines as a way to drive more sales.

– Entrepreneurs and growth hackers who are looking for ways to maximize readership, engagement, signups, subscriptions and sales.

“This course has been a tremendous help to me. I didn’t realise that there was so much to writing headlines. Having been aware of an uneasy apprehension about headline composition I found this alleviated very early on as I took in the information. Nick’s delivery is exceptional with an easy to listen to voice and helpful tone. His knowledge and experience comes through at the outset creating a reassuring environment from which to learn and process the material. Every step of the way was clear and I loved the practice sessions which were on offer.” Mariah Haylen

Here’s the full curriculum for the Write Better Headlines course.

Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1: Who I am and how this course will unfold

Lecture 2: What headlines achieve and why they are so important

Section 2: Where We use Headlines Online, And Why.

Lecture 3: Places we expect to be writing headlines online

Lecture 4: Unexpected places for headlines

Section 3: The Fundamentals of Writing Great Headlines

Lecture 5: Get to know and truly understand your audience

Lecture 6: Define the purpose of your headline and content

Section 4: The Craft of Writing Headlines Well

Lecture 7: Rehearse before you write

Lecture 8: Frontload important words and phrases

Lecture 9: Don’t tell the whole story, and headline design

Section 5: Writing Headlines for Different Media

Lecture 10: Writing headlines for blog posts

Lecture 11: Writing headlines for evergreen content pages

Lecture 12: Writing headlines for homepages

Lecture 13: A homepage writing case study

Lecture 14: Writing headlines for email and e-newsletters

Lecture 15: Writing headlines for social media

Section 6: 7 Proven Approaches to Writing Great Headlines for Content

Lecture 16: Lists, How-To and Promises

Lecture 17: Feel Good, Easy Button, Provocation and Vulnerability

Section 7: 6 More Headline Approaches That Work Just as Well

Lecture 18: New, Questions and the Kicker

Lecture 19: Secrets, a Shocker and Sharing

Section 8: 7 Questions Answered

Lecture 20: 3 Headline questions asked and answered

Lecture 21: 4 More headline questions asked and answered

Lecture 22: Final question, on the best length for headlines

Section 9: Wrapping It All Up

Lecture 23: Celebrate your outsized advantage

NOW is the best time to grow your expertise as an online headline writer.

Tens of billions of dollars in marketing budgets are moving online.

And those dollars are not just moving to the traditional web, viewed on desktop computers.

That money and the content it pays for is also being delivered via tablets and smartphones, through social media and mobile apps.

This means smart content writers HAVE to adapt, and understand how content should be written and delivered across multiple web and social media platforms.

And all of that content will live or die according to the quality of its headlines.

Remember, when you master the headline, you master the page.

And when you master the page, you give yourself and your clients an outsized advantage.

“Nick is a master educator — love his understated style, dry humour, and his frank approach to saying what’s on his mind. He deals in real substance.” Jim Mahannah

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