One-On-One Coaching for an AI Future

AI can improve your freelance business in every way. Let me show you how…

This is a new one-on-one coaching program, focused on helping you navigate your way through a freelance world that is being massively disrupted by AI.

The purpose of this program is to get you to a place where you can leverage AI to your greatest advantage.

In other words… stop thinking of AI as a threat to your future as a freelance writer or copywriter. And start thinking about how you’re going to use AI to build an even brighter future.

What’s the urgency?

As AI tools like GPT4 become increasingly capable, it will be easy for writers and copywriters to fall behind. Some writers have already lost their jobs to AI, and others feel under threat or undervalued.

Sadly, the number of writers being left behind will keep on growing.

These are the writers who are taking a passive approach to the rise of AI. Instead of leaning into this new technology, they’re covering their eyes and trying to ignore it.

The thing is… covering your eyes isn’t going to work. Not this time.

To secure your best future, you need to lean into the strengths of AI, and make some changes to how you present and deliver your services.

Bottom line… AI can make you better at just about everything you do.

And that’s what my new coaching program is all about.

The program comprises four one-hour sessions, conducted over Zoom.

Session 1: We’ll review the ways in which AI might impact your business.

Session 2: We’ll focus on key ways to maximize your use of AI to your advantage.

Session 3: We’ll look at ways to rebrand and market your freelance business, so everyone knows you’re ahead of the crowd.

Session 4: We’ll look at managing client and partner relationships in a world with AI, and then wrap things up.

What do I bring to the table?

First, I’ll draw on my 35+ years as a freelancer, including experiences leveraging earlier disruptions to my career, such as the arrival of the web in the mid-nineties, and the dotcom crash of 2001.

When it comes to digital disruption, I’ve been there and developed strategies not only survive turbulence as a freelancer, but to go one step further and leverage these fast-moving changes.

Next, I’ll share with you my deep knowledge of AI in the world of marketing. When ChatGPT came along last November, I was already several years into my exploration of AI, particularly in the realm of chatbots and conversation design.

Finally, I have been coaching freelancers and entrepreneurs for over a decade now, so I know how to translate my own knowledge into practical advice that works for others in this space.

You’re right to feel some urgency here.

With changes as dramatic as the rise of AI, you can either ride the wave to new levels of success and achievement… or you can miss the wave and drift back out to sea.

That’s why NOW is the time to commit to leveraging AI to your advantage. And if you feel you need it, NOW is the time to seek some outside help from an expert you can trust.

The four sessions I’m offering comprise a shorter engagement than my regular coaching service, and the price is therefore lower, at just $2,500.

If you are interested in booking a 20-minute discovery call to see if this is a good fit for you, send me a quick message through my Coaching Contact page.