After working alone for over 35 years, I now have a full-time assistant. And it’s an AI.

I’ve been using ChatGPT a lot recently. But for the most part, I haven’t been using it to write content or copy.

I’ve been using it as a brainstorming buddy and an information-cruncher.

As an example, here’s how I’ve been using ChatGPT to help me update the coaching page on my website.

I used to do a lot of one-on-one coaching with freelancers. Then I paused for a while. This year I’m going to start again. But before I do any promotion, I wanted to update my information page.

First, I thought I’d do a little brainstorming.

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Tap into the power of radical responsibility.

freelancer in the driver's seat

I’m not the first person to talk about this approach to life and work.

But I have been applying it to my own life and career for longer than most people. Decades. I’ve also been teaching it to my kids from an early age.

What is “radical responsibility”?

At its simplest, it’s about taking responsibility for the circumstances and situations in which you find yourself.

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Should you be selling the product, or the story?

Sheaffer pen cap

Imagine walking into someone’s home, looking around and seeing a family photo on the wall.

Not a posed family portrait. More of a goofy shot. Not terribly well composed. Maybe even a little bit out of focus.

Seeing you study the picture, your host comes over and says, “Oh my goodness, let me tell you the story behind that photo!”

It isn’t the photo that has the true power… it’s the story behind the photo.

It’s the story that carries the true emotional punch.

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The future belongs to short-form copywriters.

traditional newspaper with picture of smartphone

It’s tricky making predictions.

But I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot more short-form copywriting in the future.

I believe this to be true for two reasons… one is physical, and the other is more connected to our changing lifestyles.

Let’s start with the physical reason.

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The true secret to great copywriting is…

Raw energy when writing copy

If you’re a student of copywriting, you’ve likely come across various experts promising to share their secrets to success.

A lot of these promises come in the form of methods, templates, roadmaps, strategies… and so on.

In other words, “Follow this proven process and you’ll be a super-successful copywriter. Six figures and beyond!”

Get the book, course or coaching program, and you’ll have access to their amazing, super-powerful, 10-step method.

I’m not saying these “follow-the-process” methods don’t ever work…

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