Why my own writing process now includes both ChatGPT and Emotional Intelligence.

Writer using ChatGPT to write copy and content

Emotion is at the core of great copy. This has always been the case… before AI, before the Web, before computers.

Great copy touches its readers at an emotional level.

Why? Because as consumers we buy based on our feelings. We buy the car that makes us feel good. We buy the pair of shoes that makes us smile. We buy the video game that gives us pleasure.

Every purchase is triggered by emotion. Once we have decided we want something, we will often turn to our more rational selves to justify the purchase.

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What if I forced you to double your freelance fees?

happy freelance writer

If I suggested you double the fees you charge, maybe you’d tell me that none of your clients would use you.

That sounds reasonable.

After all, as freelancers we don’t set out to charge less than we can. We think we know what our clients and prospects will accept, and we write up our estimates accordingly.

Now I’m going to be totally unreasonable.

Suddenly I have strange superpowers and I’m going to force you to double your fees anyway.

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The dangers of putting all you freelance eggs in one basket.

all your freelance eggs in one basket

In common with most freelancers and entrepreneurs, I’m a risk-taker.

It’s risky to run your own business. It’s risky when you have bills to pay, but no guarantee that you will be picking up new projects next month.

But that’s the nature of being a freelance writer or copywriter.

We take risks because we like the freelance lifestyle, and because we hope to earn more than we would as an employee.


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The Power of Saying No to Your Clients

freelancer with thumbs down for a prospective cient

Many freelancers find it hard to say no.

When work comes their way, they say yes to every project.

They say yes to working evenings and weekends when their clients have a looming deadline.

And they say yes when clients and prospects ask for a reduction in fees.

In isolation, and on rare occasions, there is nothing wrong with saying yes in any of these circumstances. But…

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When you feel positive momentum, use it or lose it.

momentum of child on swing

As freelancers we have to generate our own energy and momentum.

We don’t have colleagues or managers to give us a quick boost. Nor do we have group meetings or off-site brainstorming days.

At times we can do a great job of creating internal momentum for ourselves. At other times it becomes hard, and we feel ourselves running down, like a battery losing its charge.

And then there are times when we are given a little extra energy from an outside source. Like…

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