Feedback from writers and copywriters who have taken the Futureproof Copywriting course…

It’s early days, but testimonials are beginning to trickle in. As I receive more, I’ll add them here.

From Laine:

“Taking this course was definitely one of my better decisions and totally worth every cent. Nick has a knack for blending his personal experiences with practical tips. The way he was able to break things down and introduce the concept of weaving AI + EI into copywriting is just brilliant. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned. Thank you, Nick!” – Laine Woolley

A long one from Steve:

“These are not the droids you’re looking for.” That’s the one singular quote from the Star Wars universe of movies that stuck deep in my brain. Along with, “May the Force be with you,” of course.

Many copywriters are terrified of becoming obsolete with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence or AI.

They should be.

And self-proclaimed AI Masters by the hundreds have rushed in to develop literally volumes of pre-made prompts to allegedly allay their fears.

Most brush off and even outright ignore the one essential element of the process … Emotional Intelligence or EI. That’s just one difference that sets Nick’s AI training apart.

Nick knows EI (and AI, too).

He focuses on Emotional Intelligence for full one-third of this program. And another third on how to successfully combine AI with EI to write copy and content to get the most impactful results.

I studied “Copy Master” Usborne’s “Future-Proof Copywriting,” and my AI-assisted copy transformed.

If all you want is a ream of pre-manufactured ‘prompts-to-go’ … this is not the program you’re looking for.

But, if you want to partner with AI to create the best emotionally intelligent copy possible and future-proof your copywriting business, study Nick Usborne’s program meticulously …and the AI Force will be with you.

– Steve Maurer

From Leslie:

“Thank you Nick for this excellent and well thought through class. I now feel more confident about using AI and more importantly, adding human value to the copy it generates. Your voice is a lighthouse in a sea of confusion.”

– Leslie Brenan

From Jen:

“This course is time and money well spent. Nick is a delight and offers terrific personal insights with solid, practical approaches for writing smarter, not harder. Lots of good, step-by-step instruction and fresh, motivating ideas for folding AI into your daily creative process. Thank you, Nick!”

– Jen O

From Lynn:

“It is so intriguing and compelling for me to learn about how EI may actually be a better gauge of a person’s IQ than simply intelligence. I’m thoroughly enjoying this course!”

– Lynn Moore

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