My books for writers, copywriters and freelancers.

As with my courses and programs, nearly all my books focus on some aspect of writing for the web or freelancing.

The big difference between my courses and my books is, as you might guess, the books are shorter, and cost less.

In fact, the most expensive book on this page is under $50, and most are less than $20.

If there are particular aspects of writing for the web or succeeding as a freelancer you want to learn more about, one or more of my books will likely help fill the gap.

affirmations for freelancers

Affirmations for Freelancers – 39 Affirmations to help build your confidence, dissolve self-doubt, and grow your business.

Do you ever have negative thoughts about yourself as a freelancer? Do you wonder whether you are good enough, whether you are ready to approach bigger companies, or are able to make a decent income?

Freelancers are plagued by negative thoughts about their prospects and abilities, and the only way to break free is to crowd out the negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

These affirmations have been created specifically for freelancers to address the unique challenges they face.

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popcorn content how to write social media content

Popcorn Content – The craft of writing short-form content for social media.

Writing for social media is a whole new craft. Social media streams move quickly, so you have to hook your readers fast. But you also need to listen attentively…all of the time. And you have to engage with people.

This, my latest book, teaches you how to write this critically important type of content.

Popcorn Content is available on your Kindle, or the Kindle App for your computer or smartphone, for just $6.45.

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Net Words – Creating High-Impact Online Copy.

Net Words was one of the very first books written to help professional copywriters make the switch from traditional media to writing copy for the web.

The content draws on experience I had writing for some of the largest and most progressive sites on the web at that time.

While several years have passed since I wrote the book, most of the advice is evergreen in its nature and still applies equally well today.

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writing rituals

Writing Rituals – 5 Rituals to Help You Write Faster And Smarter, And Make More Money.

Most commercial writers, particularly freelancers, do a poor job of organizing their work and, as a result, are less productive than they might be.

In this short, downloadable guide I present a solution in the form of five simple rituals which, when applied in sequence, can dramatically increase your writing productivity.

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