Courses for online content writers, copywriters and freelancers.

Delivered through a variety of media, the courses on this page give you in-depth training across a range of different online writing skills.

Most of my courses offer specific skills-training for online content writers and copywriters. Others focus on the needs of freelancers trying to grow their businesses.

My courses on content writing and copywriting have been taken by thousands of students from 97 different countries.

“I’ve taken many writing courses and have to say that a list of my favorites would include every course of Nick’s that I’ve taken.” Doug Johnson

“Nick has an amazing and unique ability to take complex concepts and re-present them in a concrete and practical way so everyone learns and takes away something useful. He is generous and has a lot of wisdom to share. And he has a great sense of humor too, which makes learning fun.” Jay Schaffer

“I can’t say if I’m Nick Usborne’s greatest fan, but I might be. His lectures are to-the-point. He doesn’t hedge. He flat out tells us what’s what, then backs it up with why.” Holly Helscher

If you have any questions before getting started, please contact me and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Quick-win, short-form courses for copywriters and small business owners:

 Conversational copywriting course

Conversational Copywriting – The future of selling online.

Traditional, broadcast-style, in-your-face copywriting is on its last legs. Online, it’s pretty much dead already.

With 17 lectures and little under two hours of video instruction, this course will give you the skills you need to stop writing AT your audience, and start engaging with them in ways that drive more sales.

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selling with stories

Selling With Stories – Driving engagement, trust and sales with the power of storytelling.

This course is for web content writers, online copywriters and growth hackers.

Over the course of 19 instructional videos you’ll learn how to use stories to attract attention, grow empathy, deepen levels of engagement and drive more sales.

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Web Content Optimization – Creating purpose-driven content that delivers.

This course is for web content writers – whether you’re a freelancer, blogger, entrepreneur or growth hacker.

Over the course of 21 video presentations you’ll learn how to optimize the 7 types of web content that are essential to the success of any online business.

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How to write better headlines course

How to Write Better Headlines – Master the headline and you master the entire page.

This course is for web content writers who want to massively increase the ROI of all the content they create, for themselves or their clients.

With 23 lectures and almost three and a half hours of instruction time, you’ll learn how to master the craft of writing headlines for web content, email and social media.

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21 Copywriting Hacks course for copywriters

21 Copywriting Hacks That Deliver Quick & Easy Wins

Take this course and you’ll always submit your very best copywriting work to your clients, boss or colleagues.

These 9 instructional videos – covering 21 Copywriting Hacks – will help you dramatically improve your headlines, body copy AND call-to-action. Every time.

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Deep-dive, long-form courses, published by American Writers & Artists Inc:

write money making websites

How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

If you have a hobby or interest, and would like to write a website about it, now you can do just that — and make a healthy second income at the same time.

This is the complete “how-to” package.

You get complete instructions, including lists of the tools and services you might want to use to make sure your website attracts plenty of visitors and generates a healthy income.

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online copywriting course

Copywriting 2.0 – Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

This course is about 300 pages in length and is designed to teach you the best practices in every major aspect of writing for the web.

After taking the course you’ll have the expertise required to write any kind of web page – whether it be a homepage, sales page, landing page, information page, subscription page, catalog page…and so on.

You’ll also learn to write a variety of different types of emails and e-newsletters.

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social media expert

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

This is the definitive guide to using social media marketing to generate multiple streams of income for yourself and your clients.

As a freelancer you are in a unique position to make money by offering social media consulting and writing services to your clients.

You’ll also learn how to use social media to promote your own business and websites.

This is a huge opportunity for you…right now.

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Marketing Confidence program for freelancers.

Marketing Confidence – Because self-confidence is the number one driver of success for freelancers.

This program is my “coaching in a box” course for freelancers.

While covering every aspect of building your freelance business, and growing your income, its core value is in helping you increase your level of self-confidence as you approach and work with clients.

After completing the program you’ll have the confidence to approach any prospective client, regardless of their size, and negotiate way beyond what you are charging right now.

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