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writing for the webGet your copy of Writing For The Web #1  — 7 Challenges every Writer and Copywriter faces when writing for the Web.

The 7 topics covered in this short eBook represent the best practices that have served me so well in my own career writing for the web, working for clients large and small.

I believe you’ll find them equally useful, whether you are just starting out, or have been writing for the web for years.

Here are the 7 areas I cover:

1. Help every visitor avoid getting lost
2. Write for the company, your readers AND the search engines
3. Earn your visitors’ trust
4. Write every page as a landing page…or not
5. Make your content pre-sell
6. Make the sale before it’s too late
7. Know that web designers are not always on your side

Together these topics comprise something of a checklist I use whenever I start working on creating or improving a website.

You can do the same.

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