Conversational Copywriting – The next step in writing online copy that truly engages and converts.

21 Instructional videos on how to change the way you write copy, and drive more sales.

Conversational copywriting is the future of selling online.

Why? Because people don’t like being sold at online. They don’t like ads online. They don’t like pushy sales copy.

By the end of 2016, there were over 615 million devices with ad blockers installed worldwide. 62% of those devices were mobile. And even more people are filtering promotional emails out of their email inboxes.

That’s a huge deal.

If you can’t sell with ads and traditional sales copy, how can you sell online?

You do it with conversational copywriting.

With conversational copywriting you’re not selling or talking AT your audience.

That’s old-school, one-way broadcast advertising.

Conversational advertising is the opposite of selling AT your audience.

It’s more respectful. It’s the anti-hype.

It’s about engaging your audience more fully, connecting with them emotionally, and drawing them into a place where they feel ready to buy your product or service.

  • The power of conversational copywriting lies in truly engaging with people and connecting with them at an emotional level.
  • Conversational copywriting is about removing the layers of mistrust between a company and its customers.
  • Conversational copy is the future because people are no longer “buying” the old-school approach.

Take this course and I’ll teach you how to write conversational sales copy that engages your audience more deeply, touches them emotionally, creates desire for your products or services and converts more browsers into buyers.

Over the course of 21 instructional videos I’ll take you through numerous before and after examples, and over half a dozen homework exercises.

“This course focuses on real language… the language of how people actually speak. So, when you write copy you can communicate your ideas more effectively. Nick shows you have to break apart techno or business speak… or just long winded verbiage and shorten it to everyday language people speak so the reader can truly understand what you are saying. Great Course.” Dale Hogeland

“Well said and well delivered. Finally some sense and solutions. The consumer isn’t listening anymore. It’s about the conversation. This course shows you examples of why it is happening and what to do create real conversations. Person to person. The old fashioned way but through technology on the Web.” Joan Margau

“Good info – another great course Nick! Particularly invaluable in light of all the social media usage right now. Course was just the right length also. Can hardly wait for your next course!” Pam

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter, small business owner or growth hacker, conversational copywriter is a marketing superpower you can tap into right now.

The link below will take you to my Udemy course page, where you’ll find a full description of the course curriculum, and get immediate and FREE access to 3 of the course videos.

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“By nature,  I’m not the pushy, hype-y, manipulative salesperson type. That is what turns me off from doing any type of sales work. I like the genuine, honest and friendship forming kind of two-way copywriting that conversational copywriting conveys. In my opinion, conversational copywriting is more appealing to the younger generations of consumers coming up in today’s marketplace.” Sheila Koester

“Nick does a great job of explaining the lessons. He holds my attention! I really love the Q & A videos!” Kevin Watson

Watch the 3 FREE videos now and get the discounted course price of just $35…

“I can’t say if I’m Nick Usborne’s greatest fan, but I might be. He is a good, seasoned educator who keeps up with copywriting trends and contemporary methods. He doesn’t allow his students to stay mired in old-school techniques if he knows (and he does) that they no longer work. That’s the mark of someone who wants us to be successful. His lectures are to-the-point. He doesn’t hedge. He flat out tells us what’s what, then backs it up with why. It’s a breath of fresh air to me to finally see someone addressing mobile technology and how it’s used. He lets us know what works and what doesn’t work with it. He isn’t afraid of younger consumers and their preferences. Thank goodness! The course was great. I learned a lot. The homework was FABULOUS FUN. I keep redoing the tasks to see if I can get them shorter. That’s only because I tend to talk. . .and talk. Conversationally speaking, this course is worth the bucks.” Holly Helscher

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